What are the Church's views on authoritarian governments?


Government structures like Mussolini’s Italy etc


I don’t think it has a formal position, so long as the government doesn’t abuse its people nor violates morality.


Funny story. The other day I met a guy outside the Taco Bell. First he asked if I just play chess in my head or with words as well. Then asked me if i thought all the angels were white. (I am white and he was black.) I said being born of any ethnicity or decent did not make one good or bad. Finally he asked if being a Democracy made the USA good. I said something like being a Fascist does not make one good any more than a Democracy person makes one bad. Its all in the context of the situation and the quality of the person leading it. He may have said like my third eye was opening or something. Eventually I got upset and left because Taco Bell was supposed to open like thirty minutes ago for Breakfast and I was hungry. Do you think he may have been trying to say something or was it just me?


The Vatican condemned Fascism as the pagan worship of the state.



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