What are the duties of one's state in life?



I’ve heard, mostly from older Catholic books and texts, about the “duties of one’s state in life”. I have a basic idea of them and how it differs for different vocations, but is there any reliable resource to know more precisely what they are? Also, I would add that the duties seem especially clear for children, married couples and priests/religious, but less so for single young adults…for example, would pursuing higher studies (according to one’s financial means, of course) be considered a “duty”?

I would be very happy and grateful to learn more about the subject (and to see if I’ve “missed” anything!) :o

Thank you!


It refers to those things our state in life requires of us. So for example, going to work and actually doing what we’re hired to do rather than be on our cell phones or on Facebook, etc, keeping your house clean, just your typical boring everyday duties. Our sanctification lies with the mundane.


Thanks for the reply, Deo Gratias! So, basically, since it has to do with “the ordinary being extraordinary”, does that mean it’s considered separate from the more explicitly religious duties (like going to Mass, for example - not that it’s merely a duty or obligation, but you know what I mean)?


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