What are the excommunication rites?

Hi, I’m new and not sure where to post. My question is if anyone knows the actual excommunication rites? Thanks in advance for any help

You might want to ask in the Traditional Catholicism forum, but I don’t believe there is a formal “rite” currently. In the 1950s, when Fr. Feeney was excommunicated, there was simply a letter from the Vatican indicating such. Most excommunications are “automatic,” such as the recent Chinese bishops. The Vatican merely acknowledged their excommunication.

Back in the Middle Ages, there was a formality of blowing out a candle, closing a book, and ringing a bell. See Wikipedia article here. Although Wiki is suspect at times, I have heard Jimmy Akin, Catholic Apologist, refer to the existence of this ceremony in the past.

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There is not rite of excommunication. It is either automatic or handed down as an ecclesial penalty by a tribunal.

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There used to be an anathema ceremony when that penalty was still on the books but it isn’t in use anymore as current Canon Law no longer punishes with anathema.

The ceremony was quite scary and somber.

“We the teaching authority of the Church declare thee to be Anathema Sit, condemed to the fires of hell…” or something like that. :smiley:

I can’t remember that movie where they all had huge candles and were excommunicating someone.

Though I am sure I would not be smiling if they used the words on me.

Thank you all who have helped me with information. I simply wanted a variety of views. I did not expect the rude comments about me posting the same question. As you can see if you read the responses there is a wealth of different answers. I’m Protestant, but confused about religion and worried for my soul…Sarcasm doesn’t help me with my predicament and I’m sad I even asked a question.

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Why do you want a variety of views? Of what purpose do they serve? Would you not rather have the correct answer?

I guess the reason why there were some comments on the same question is because there are other posters out there who post the same question to all the different boards. I did not see MarcoPolo’s response to you as I did not come back to this thread considering that the question was already answered.

I am failing to understand who excommunication should be a predicament for you. You cannot be excommunicated and be outside of the Catholic Church. What I mean is this, you cannot be excommunicated from the Catholic Church as a Non-Catholic. Should you come into the Church, then all you would have to do is to confess your sins. Don’t worry, excommunication does not apply to you.

It would have been helpful for you to post what you have posted in this post in your initial question, I am sure that you would have received more positive responses.

For my part, if I came across as rude, I apologize. I thought you were one of those posters who was posting the same question across the different boards.

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Glad to join…
I will have questions …

My Question is…
What is the Latin for the Rite…
“Close the Book…
Ring the Bell…
Quench the Candle”

I would app. all replies.

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