What are the gates of Hell?

I find the statement about the gates of Hell a bit confusing. What exactly are the “Gates of Hell”?

Hell’s doors? Which won’t prevail against the Church when she marches towards them?

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Scripture Does Not Tell Us to Storm the Gates of Hell Msgr Charles Pope April 2017.

At the end of the article Msgr says - " Jesus clearly uses the gates of Hell as a metaphor for the power of Hell. Hell’s power will not ultimately prevail. God wins!"


Thanks. That makes more sense to me.

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Both heaven’s and hell’s power rush forth from the gates.

There’s nothing Taught which posits the Church Itself as marching toward Hell.

The ‘marching’ could potentially be viewed as Satan’s ongoing marchings against The Church

Satan has in essence already been defeated.

Even though he has had victories of sorts over some individuals,
his goal to overthrow God and The Body of Christ is Doomed to Fail
for the Reason that only the Potter has the wherewithal over the Souls of all…
and in looking ahead God assures His followers of Satan’s Ultimate Defeat:
I.E. - OF Satan and Company getting Tossed into Hell.


Gates have big figurative significance in the Old Testament such as Psalm 24 and signify either the defensive strength (with God) or the vulnerability (to Satan) of a stronghold.
Lift up your heads, you gates;
** lifted up, you ancient doors,
** that the King of glory may come in.**

Jesus describes himself as a gate in John 10
“Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep."


Figurative Gates mirror Literal Gates: Not very difficult to understand its intent.

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