What are the goal's of an atheist?

Why do people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens try to put down religion? It really bothers me. They come up with all of these well thought out arguments about why God doesn’t exist yet they provide no answers about life themselves. Therefore, what is their goal in attempting to disprove God? I guess I would prefer it if an atheist would answer to help me understand their intentions (I know there aren’t many on this site but I dont feel like getting bashed on sites like yahoo answers).

Also, I am very OCD and when I hear some of their arguments, I have a hard time getting it out of my head. It hasn’t really affected my faith but it has brought me a lot of distress. I try to offer up these doubts and fears to bring me closer with God, but the thought itself is a true burden to my life. Please pray for me that I be at peace with God and not be distressed by non-believers.

I guess the fact that their arguments get into my head is what bothers me about them since it seems they have no aims at what they are arguing for. Simply to mess with those who have found the truth.

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