What are the historical errors of the Book of Mormon?


People both Catholic and Non-Catholic Christians claim that the Book fo Mormon have historical errors. Can you point out the evidence? Thanks


Anachronistic Concepts

On a number of occasions, the Book of Mormon introduces concepts that are historically out of time. These concepts were either introduced in the New Testament, or after the Jews were deported to Babylon, and thus after the Lehites left Jerusalem. This is significant because it supports the theory that the Book of Mormon originated in the nineteenth century. Obviously, these concepts were unknown to the early Jews, but they would have been familiar to Joseph Smith.

The Messiah
Universal Depravity
The Gospel
The Virgin Birth
Demons and Possession
The Church
The Bible

Anachronisic Quotes

The Book of Mormon quotes a fairly large amount of material from the King James Version. In very many cases, these quotes appear long before the Bible passage itself was actually written. The obvious answer to this problem is that the Book of Mormon was written after the passage that it quotes.

Included in this topic should be New Testament quotes. Unfortunately, there are far too many to list here. The New Testament quotes are categorised, cross-referenced and listed here.

Occasionally, the Book of Mormon even quotes sections of the Bible that are now known to be forgeries - later interpolations into the biblical text. Thus, not only does the Book of Mormon quote Biblical passages before they were written - it also sometimes manages to quote passages that were never a part of the original manuscripts, but were added to the text at a later date


The terms sort of make this a difficult question. A historical error would be like saying the Germans invaded Poland in 1940. While there were (and are) Germans and Poles, and the invaision did take place it was in 1939. The book of Mormon recounts events about people, Semitic Jews in pre-Columbian America, that never existed. The lost city of Atlantis has as much arechological support as the events in the book of Mormon do.

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