What are the implications of infinite universe(s)?

It seems that some form of infinity of universe or universes is the most common alternative (non-God-invoking) explanation for this universe. Now, I’m no good at thinking about infinity, but it seems that invoking infinite universe(s) has some startling implications, and I’d like to find out what they might be.

For example, is an infinite universe omnipotent? If it is truly infinite then how could it not be? Is it omniscient? If it is truly infinite could there not have developed some creature who knew everything there is to know? In fact, in an infinite universe is it not guaranteed that a being with all of God’s properties must arise?

Anyway, I’d like to have others take up the discussion of what a truly infinite universe (or a truly infinite sequence of finite universes) implies, even requires.

I think the infinite series of universes is the one the “non-God” folks like most. That way no one universe has existed infinitely so you can place limits on what “must” exist while still claiming that our universe doesn’t have a “infinite” cause.

Of course none of it makes any sense to me. But that might be the one ya want to focus on.


I can accept an infinte universe(s) with no implication with respect to God. In fact I generally accept the pulsating theory.

Even though that artical says:

It gets rid of the problem of explaining a creation. … The universe
has been around forever," said Paul Steinhardt

does not get rid of the problem of creation.

If you think of what is at the edge of our expanding universe, something is past that edge. Travel that same distance in that direction past our edge there might be another big bang-ed expanding universe. In fact there could be countless expanding and contracting universes…or there could be just this one.

Either way and what ever it is, I still think God is at the origin of it.

This might be fun, it is certainly better than talking about race and IQ.

Anyone want to comment on Andrei Linde and Alan Guth’s ideas?

Yes, I sense that there are rather amazing and self-contradictory conclusions that follow from infinite universes. I just can’t figure out what they might all be.

One thing I think is clear, and quite ironic, is that the evidence for infinite universes is vastly less (infinitely less?) than the evidence for God, and yet so many of those who cry “show me the evidence!” are prepared to accept infinite universes rather than accept God.

Anyone want to comment on Andrei Linde and Alan Guth’s ideas?

Most of us, I dare say, don’t know about their ideas.

The reason I do not want to talk about race and IQ is because books such as The Bell Curve provide evidence that humans are not endowed with equal dignity.

Well, one can read these papers:

arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-th/pdf/0702/0702178v1.pdf (Eternal Inflation and its Implications)

stanford.edu/%7Ealinde/1032226.pdf (The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe)

No kidding.

Infinite universes get rid off the fine-tuning problem quite well. But I do think there has to be a beginning though. Guth argues that the inflationary universe (or multiverse) requires a beginning as it cannot infinitely extend into the past.

Besides, is the existence of God compatible with the inequality explored by books such as The Bell Curve? If God exists, everyone would be equal.

I havent studied it much, but theres an interesting concept called Hilbert’s Hotel.

It raises some questions on the the absurdities of infinities.

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