what are the masons scottish rite?

My husband joined this and I am a bit skeptical. I have had grandparents in mason so I thought it was normal but I did not get a good feeling from it. Please let me know.

Is your husband Catholic? I ask because Catholics are not allowed to join the Masons. For that matter, I think most other churches would have a problem with it too. Freemasonry is hostile to Christianity.

I’m sure there have been discussions of this issue on the forums, have you tried a forum search? Or post your question in the “Ask an Apologist” forum and you will get knowledgeable answers. The Family Life forum is not really the best place to get information on something like this.


Scottish Rite, like York Rite and all that rubbish, are just denominations of masonry and are spiritually dangerous to Catholics. Catholics are not, in any circumstances what so ever, allowed to become freemasons. It is contrary to the teaching and doctrines of the Church.

What are they?

The Scottish Rite holds that no degree has a higher value than that of Master Mason. The instruction given in the Craft degrees is, however, seldom fully grasped by the candidate. He needs further instruction and enlightenment to understand the great truths which Freemasonry possesses and which Freemasonry teaches.

(from www.scottish rite masons - can.org)
They talk about great truths, and they speak of God. However they are against the REAL truth and against the REAL God.

Please discourage your husband from continuing with the lot of them. Any Catholic who joins a masonic lodge is automatically excommunitcated.

The scottish rite is a masonic organization. Catholics are not to join the freemasons. Masonic organizations are opposed to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Stay away from them.

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