What are the meaning of a priests clothes?


What kind of significance do they hold?


During the Mass?

Or the black with a white collar?


Both, but I’m especially wondering about the black with white collar because they wear it all the time.


I believe the clerical clothes evolved from what was worn in the middle ages to the clerical blacks and Roman collar that is worn now, and the color and the collar developed meaning over time.

The black signifies that the priest has “died to self” and the white collar signifies the light of Christ.


The white collar, I have heard, actually is symbolic to a real collar-- symbolizing that one is a “slave for Christ”.


I have a few questions that I hope someone can shed enlightenment.

So it seem that the roman collar has no significant meaning other then it being a uniform?
Please confirm, anyone?

I would like to know what is the significant of the scroll that the prist wear during mass. During mass the priest will be wearing a robe over the scroll over their cossack. I see the priest kissing the scroll at the end of mass. During hospital visit ( aointing the sick) I see the priest kissing the scroll before putting it on before prayers and blessing.


Hi Francis,

You seem to be referring to the STOLE. It is a sign of authority, especially the authority that a priest has to administer the sacraments. It goes all the way back to Roman times.



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