What are the minimum MUST beliefs in Catholicism?

I’m not going to be able to express this correctly, so I ask for help with articulation. Especially if it needs to be in a simple way. It seems that the minimum belief and acceptance would be all that you have come to learn through catechesis, scripture, self-study, and revelation of Church doctrine. So, the more you become cognizant of, then that now becomes the minimum standard. This might be deeper than you’re scratching at. So barring what I’m trying to say, I would think that the creeds, and the sacraments would be a bare minimum starting point. To believe in the words of the creeds, and efficacy and reality of the sacraments. But see, if one came that far, they would soon learn more, and would then be responsible for believing and having obedience to the new knowledge as it occurs. Can anyone explain this better? Can anyone pick up on what I’m even trying to say?

At any given time in your journey, there will still be a ton of doctrine you don’t personally know about. So the minimum would be what you know, and a faith that what you DON’T know isn’t going to violate the rightly ordered conscience. To trust with faith, hope and charity, the doctrines of the faith AS you become personally aware of them.

If this isn’t the kind of thing you’re after, then most likely and understanding and faith in the creeds, the seven sacraments, and apostolic succession.

Thank you!

Don’t be too thankful. The list is one person’s opinion only, and is not official in any way whatsoever.

Thank for all your answers…I think I will stick with the Apostles Creed, Catholic social teaching (i.e. contraception/abortion/same sex marriage, etc) and the 7 sacraments Jesus made for us. I’m pretty sure I have biblical evidence for all of these.

I brought up the issue of authority and they all avoided the questions, also asked “where in the bible does it say to follow the bible alone?” and asked further only to have my question avoided and the topic changed…So I see they aren’t ready for such a direct approach. I figure I will begin where they are in their journey.

Since they want biblical evidence, which is good, I will begin with biblical evidence.

Yes, this is one of the Marian Doctrines: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marian_doctrines_of_the_Catholic_Church#Dogmatic_teachings

may I suggest not going the minimalist route. Go BIG! Jesus gave us the pillar and foundation of truth, the Catholic Church. He gave us His sacraments, apart from which there is no salvation. THAT’S HUGE

MARIAN dogmas of perpetual virginity, immaculate conception, her assumption.
Also papal infallibility (understood correctly of course) real presence

All those can be hard for many to accept, Catholic or not

Everything must be believed. There is no minimum. You’re either in or you’re out.

The theological virtue of faith is acceptance of all that God has revealed to us through his Holy Church. We accept it because it has been revealed to us. That’s faith.

Belief isn’t something that happens to us. Belief is something we choose. We make that choice when we say, “I believe” in the Nicene creed. Belief is an act of the will. We choose to accept it all.

***Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” *(Mark 9:24)

There is no minimum. Catholicism is all or nothing. I accept everything God has revealed to me through his Holy Church. The priesthood. Mary. The resurrection of the dead. Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. The sacraments, All of it.

Christianity was always the most radical choice. I choose not to reject any of it.


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