What are the miracles in the Gospel of John?

What are the five miracles in John’s gospel?

The Gospel of John is traditionally said to contain 7 miracles/signs:[list]
*] Changing water into wine at Cana (2:1-11)
*] Healing the royal official’s son in Capernaum (4:46-54)
*] Healing the paralytic at Bethesda (5:1-15)
*] Feeding the 5000 (6:5-14)
*] Jesus walking on water in (6:16-24)
*] Healing the man blind from birth (9:1-7)
*] The raising of Lazarus (11:1-45)[/list]

Some have chosen to see the walking on water as part of the same miracle/sign as the feeding of the 5000 and include the Resurrection as the 7th miracle/sign. Some also include the catching of the fish (21:1-14) as an additional sign/miracle.

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