What are the moral implications of dowry?

Is it wrong to accept gifts in the form of money or properties from the father in law, if accepting or asking it has no attachment as a future condition with the consent to marry as mentioned in CIC 1102.1? Is there anything wrong if one wishes to marry from a rich family and narrows dating with such persons only? Is there anything wrong in asking about such gifts that is likely to get at marriage while dating?

Please list the all possibilities where these can violate the moral law and the nature of the sacrament of matrimony.

If you want to ask your future father-in-law about what type of financial compensation he’s willing to offer you for marrying his daughter, I say to you, “Good luck with that!” :stuck_out_tongue:

But that doesn’t answer my question, Joe. I wasn’t asking its practical possibility. I was asking whether it has any moral impedance. There are cultures where such system is quite prevalent, Islamic culture would be an example.

I’ve been married 47 years and still waiting for the dowry to show up!

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