What are the most asked spiritual questions?

I would like to know what each of you believe are the most commonly asked questions and answers people seek. Please comment below :slight_smile:

“Is masturbation a sin?”. Some are trolls, but I suspect that many are genuine.


Do you mean in general or asked on this site?

Either or is fine!

On this site: “Did I commit a mortal sin?”. I’d say six times out of ten it involves something sexual.

Outside this site: I think it mostly depends. Younger people for example may have questions that primarily revolve around vocations and vocational discernment.


On this website:

  1. Is masturbation a sin?

  2. Is XYZ a mortal sin/ Did I commit a mortal sin? (<----this one is popular in the wee hours of the morning and/or when somebody has to go to Sunday Mass the next day and isn’t sure whether to receive Communion)
    2a) corollary of (2): Is it a sin for me to play this game/ listen to this song/ watch this movie or TV show/ download this software/ eat this food/ do activity ABC on Sunday etc.

  3. “The Problem of Evil” aka Why does God allow terrible things to happen to innocent children/ people/ in the Old Testament etc.

  4. People who think they’re being attacked by demons or might be attacked by demons and are asking for advice or help

  5. Questions about modest clothing for women, such as, Can women wear trousers, Can women wear swimsuits, What should women wear to church, Women shouldn’t be allowed to wear yoga pants, etc.

  6. People with “Mary problems” who want to know if they have to say Rosaries or have to pray to Mary or have to believe in Marian apparitions or don’t understand why the Church has Marian devotions and are they even in Scripture and why don’t we go straight to Jesus etc.

At least these are the ones that catch my eye the most.

When I’m not on the forum, people mostly just ask me to pray for them or occasionally worry about whether a dead loved one is in Heaven or not.


One of the most common is: I pray/do XYZ, why does God not grant me XYZ? sadly feels like many feel entitled and want instant gratification


How do you get godly wisdom and hear the Holy spirit.

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