What are the reasons why Born-again and Fundamentalist Christians hate Catholics(Poll)

  • They see the Catholic Church as Whore of Babylon from Revelation 17 and 18 and as evil religious system.
  • Biblical Theology from Fundamentalist Christians and use it for saying that Catholics are not Christians at all and want to exclude Catholics from Christianity.
  • They read and see tracts, Youtube Channels, and websites that are anti-Catholic and/or promote anti-Catholicism like Chick Publications, Jesus-is-savior, Now the End Begins, End Times Prophecy News(Jim Beckwith)
  • They have negative Conspiracy Theories about Pope Francis, the clergy, Catholic Orders like Jesuits and Catholic laypeople.
  • They have Negative NWO Conspiracy Theories about the Catholic Church.
  • They have false accusations against Catholics about the creation of Islam, Communism, and other abminations of the Earth.

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I’ve heard all of these reasons. But it’s probably because they are indoctrinated against Catholics and refuse to listen to the evidence that can be provided. Along the same lines as the nonsense Protestant claims:
The Catholic Church added 7 books to the Bible, even though there is clear evidence of Luther removing said books;
The Catholic Church messed with the 10 Commandments given to Moses and are therefore idolators;
(Just to name a couple)

I imagine the same thing happened with so-called Born Again and Fundamentalists. Also because the International Version of the Bible is based on Luther’s ideals of “These books don’t belong here.”, anyone trying to read the Bible (unless they specifically search for a Catholic Bible) is likely going to have the same view as Today’s Protestants (as mentioned above).

The Catholic Bible has 73 Books and the Protestant Bible has 66 Books. Orthodox Bible has 77 Books.

Care factor zero.

I am not Catholic to win a popularity contest.


Agreed, but understanding how we come across to other faiths may help conversions.


The reason my Baptist church has a disliking for Catholicism is because they believe a lot of false things about the Church. “Catholics worship Mary, they believe in a second chance after death (referring to Purgatory), they say you can pay your way out of hell, they believe we can go against the Bible, etc.”


Who cares what born again fundamentalist think ?

All they want to do - is argue -

Maybe - this is only one guess - at many possible scenarios-
But just maybe, they don’t like how they - can quote chapter and verse - all over the place -
And Catholics don’t bother with that


I used to be able to do that, back when I was a Protestant! We even had classes where we encouraged each other to memorize verses, one at a time. The famous first verse everybody learns is usually John 3:16. That was the first verse I was taught, and it was the first verse everyone else in my church was taught.

Now, I’m not so effecient at quoting chapter and verse, but I can roughly paraphrase passages!

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If your driving in the south you might come across some, let’s say, interesting local protestant stations. Don’t you know we sit in our pews and worship statues? Heard that one not too long ago.


But you are required in some degree of evangelism which requires you to at lest play nice and more importantly care so people come to the church.

There’s a difference between brushing off ludicrous claims and ignoring criticism.
Pull up your socks mate.

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I hate the phrase “Are you Catholic or Christian?” or “Such and such used to be Catholic but now they’re Christian [Protestant].”

Just want to travel back in time and tell Martin Luther, THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF YOUR SOLA SCRIPTURA HERESY!


This is not really fair. I know many fundamentalist who have a very deep love of Jesus.

The problem is that they are taught from a very young age that Catholics are wrong and going to hell. So MOST try to convert us out of charity.

Most of the ones who have converted to the Catholic Church did so after studying Catholicism - mainly in an attempt to prove it wrong.

The real culprits are the ministers who supposedly have theological training. The average fundamentalist is there because that’s what they were taught or left the Catholic Church or mainline Protestantism due to liberalism (among laity and/or clergy) and/or watered down teachings.

God bless


Correct! Jesus said we would be hated because of Him.

Let us rejoice and pray for our enemies as He told us to.

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In my experience, evangelicals (mostly Pentecostals and southern baptists) are indoctrinated with false beliefs. Canibalism (via the Eucharist), Mary worship, the standard stuff. If you can actually have a respectful one on one conversation with an evangelical, they will usually at least come to acknowledge what they were taught wasn’t correct.

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The pope does not need to address the fact that sola scriptura is alien to the Christian faith of both Catholics and Orthodox.

The “It’s not literally in the Bible so we won’t believe it and if you believe it, you’re a cult” is like spiritual anti-vaxxer movement.

I’m sure they have good intent. But they are wrong.

Don’t be thick,

ML made his own religion when he wasn’t heard by ours. Sola Scripture came after mate.

Point is one wrong is seldom done in a vacuum and is compiled by others failing.

Mom doesn’t feed the kids on time cause she stayed up too late working instead of standing up to her mean boss so the kids steal cookies. Ect.

I dont use the word “hate”, but my question is - when are the real non-Catholics Christians going to correct these misunderstandings that cause “division” within Christianity? There are obviously many non-Catholic Christians who don’t agree with those non-Catholic Christians who spread “hate” and “discontent” - yet the ones who are contributing to the misunderstandings are not being called out and corrected by those who they disagree with…luke warm Christians.

Yes, I know this is probably not fair as there is no feasable way for this correction to take place since there is no central authority to speek for all of these disagreeing Christians.


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New guy to the forum, but old hand in politics and Legislatures… I’d suggest adopting the attitude/posture that the church YOU belong to is the one Jesus personally started and St Paul & St Peter helped build. Your church is the original and only true Christian church… everyone else --especially fundamentalists, bible literalists, and evangelicals-- are just one-off breakaway believers. Most of that nonsense comes from the evang wing of protesting churches.

America is a pluralist democracy and our Republic believes in freedom of religion, even if those in the protesting churches are wrong… Catholics should always hold confidence that they descended from Jesus’ ministry and movement without doctrinal break. St Paul (and Fr Luther) would be dismayed with today’s average mainline protesting believer and their community… we don’t have to act arrogant, but we shouldn’t lose sight that evangs are the upstarts making it all up as they go. 1.4 Billion Catholics make up more than 1/2 of Christianity. Are they all wrong? We have 2000 years of history backing us up. Were the tens of billion believers all wrong?

Let’s stop worrying about converting Protesants or what illogical and ignorant opinions they hold about Catholics --let’s focus on bringing wayward Catholics back home. No snappy rejoinder or witty insight will win a debate with a protesting believer. Let 'em go for now-- we’ve all got enough to do to get wayward Catholics back after the priest sex abuse scandals and institutional coverups, the Vatican Bank’s cosy money laundering schemes with worldwide crime syndicates and drug lords, etc.


A lot of it is cultural differences combined with ignorance and real differences in theology. I’ve had to confirm that I do in fact believe in the Bible and John the Baptist. For Southern Baptists, you are not saved unless you sincerely ask Jesus to come into your heart and baptism is a sign (ordinance being the word they use) that does nothing. Because Catholic salvation is more of a process, they end up very confused. And then you have ex-Catholics coming in who were either fleeing genuine heterodoxy or who were lukewarm or worse and got fired up by something in the Protestant church. And they usually confirm what those Protestants already believed. Apparently, there are a lot of poorly catechized Catholics who do think we worship Mary.


From my experience, it is all of the above

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