What are the reasons you love God? I'd like your ideas and thoughts?

My dear friends

I may list some later, but I’d like to hear from you.

I think it may work for some if you give
A) an honest answer from the heart even if your motive is not perfect. and
B) The reasons you think you should love God.

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:

I love God because everything in life is about God. We are here because of God and for God.God is the purpose of life.Without Him there is no life and no purpose.
I love the Lord my God above all things.Unconditional love we can only try to emulate by the love we give our children.God gives us,His children,real love.I value all the many gifts God has given me…my children!! I really appreciate all my prayers being answered by God.I am so grateful He has forgiven me my terrible sins repeatedly and is so merciful.He leads me & guides me & i am truly thankful for alll He has done for me & continues to do for me & my family.I would love to spend eternal life with Our Blessed Lord but only He can know if i am truly worthy.Only God can know if we truly sincerely in the truest sense of the word LOVE God.It is the commandment God wanted us to adhere to most Love one another as i have loved you.When we show care, love, compassion, kindness & give help to others we are showing we love God in DEED.By devotional silent prayer we are having a private relationship with God one to one.When we gather together to pray we are showing our love,loyalty and faith to God.
Yes i love God for everything i have in my life and for my life itself.Look at the trees,flowers, the sea all the natural beauty.Look at science in medicine,dedicated religious people,teachers, doctors, nurses,police, firemen …the list goes on… all here by Gods guidance grace and love.So we should be grateful & appreciative for all God has provided for us.I love God more & more each day the closer i get to Him the happier my life is.I eagerly want tpo please Him & i make mistakes along the way but i pray hard for forgiveness.I want to emulate Him by loving all my brothers & sisters.“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”…thats pretty hard to do for most of us most of the time.But,if we truly love God thats what we’ve got to try to do (as i see it anyway).Sorry for rambling on…I love God because He is everything to me.

I love God because He loved me, first. He loved me into existance. He knew that He loved me, even when the dinosaurs were stomping around on the earth. :smiley: And He knew that one day… I would be born, and live.

I also love God, because He continued to love me… even when I had turned away from Him. Not only was He patient with me… and not only did He continue to love me, despite my unfaithfulness to Him; but He granted me special, completely undeserved assistance through His Holy Mother… Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Her intercession helped me find my way “Home” to the Church.

I have no other response to such overwhelming displays of love and mercy in my life, than to offer Him my poor love… in return. Shabby, though it is. I have frequently been baffled as to why God loves me. Whenever I have asked Him… “Lord, why do You love me?”… the “reply” always comes back…

“Because you are My child”. This has helped me to understand, why I love God. He’s my (our) Father. :slight_smile:

He pulled me out of the pit & embraced me. He is teaching me all about true love…Now my heart is drawn to His…like a magnet.:heart:

A. He is always overwhelmingly compassionate, merciful, kind and loving again and again, when I am far from deserving of it.
B. Without Him we wouldn’t be here and all the reasons mentioned in A.

The simple answer to this is He took me and totally changed me to where I do not recognize my self anymore. I have done a 360 turn and only He could have done this. He showed me what He was like and how to love Him.

I spent close to 30 years running from Jesus and being angry with Him. At one point I was even Agnostic for quit a period of time. I was in complete spiritual darkness and turmoil for most of these years. Most of this was because I tried to put Jesus in a box, my box, of what I thought He should do and be, then I was angry because he wouldn’t find in “my box”. He never stopped trying with me. I started going back to church about three years ago, by shear will or the Holy Spirit’s influence, probably the Spirit. Two years ago, He finally won. On Palm Sunday in 2007 I finally surrendered to Him totally, body, soul, spirit, mind. He has totally transformed my life and I have an intimate spiritual relationship with Him that grows deeper everyday. I know what God can do and I can find no reason not to love Him as completely as I can in this life. In a nutshell, this is why I should love God. He is the potter and I am the happy clay and from His hands He will create a living, loving work of art that is to my benefit for eternity and to His glory.

This is my answer (and I believe) the best answer - He hunted me down when I wanted nothing to do with Him.

Jesus is the Eternal Shepherd - tireless and relentless in the pursuit of gathering His sheep unto Himself.

I love God because he loves me…I feel his love for me…It’s hard to put into words how I know Him…God shows me the way to live…He speaks to me through the Bible, through prayer…When the Holy Spirit touches you, it’s hard to explain…it’s a great feeling…

I love God because He is God and King. But my love is imperfect. I sin daily, and I don’t think I am contrite after I sin. I am slothful when it comes to Confession, putting it off for the next day and bargaining with my weakness. But praise be to God’s Mercy, for if it were not for Him, I would already be in Hell!

My dear friends

Very uplifting answers from all. I could say much the same as all of you. I’m pretty much the same as you guys here.

I’ve been thinking of what would be the perfect motive and my idea is it would be because God is so loveable.

My idea on how to explain who God is follows-

God is a communion of three persons who are infinite and eternal Living Love in which our Loving Heavenly Father from all eternity speaks His Word of Love and the Word of Love is so powerful it becomes a Living Word of Love, and the Love between them becomes so powerful it becomes a Living Spirit of Love.
I see God as Living Love now, and the source of all love.
Thank you all for some great answers.

God bless all:thumbsup::slight_smile:

I love God because He is everything to me. :slight_smile:

I love God because of the love He has shown me, because He is so merciful and has never given up on me. I think we should love God because He so deserves to be loved.

When I read the question, I was anxious to see the responses, because I don’t think I could provide an adequate answer. I said, ‘yeah, that’s it’ to everything I read above, but I think the following. . .

. . . makes me say “What she said.”

I am such a poor sinner and while I await my judgement with fear, I also await it with the hope of undeserved mercy and forgiveness. I hope to spend eternity joyfully living in the Presence of the One who has created me – even though He knew what an ungrateful pain I would be – saved and sustains me – even though I am not even aware of all the good He has done for me – and loves me – even though my love for Him is so many polluted rags.

Thank you for posting that question. It makes me pause and reflect.

God bless,

I love God, because He is perfect Compassion, Love, and Sacrifice. His Love is unconditional and eternal. There was one evening when I was feeling depressed. The thought I had went something like this: *Jesus couldn’t have died on the cross just for me, because there are millions of other Christians on earth. I’m not that special. * And I swear, another thought immediately entered my mind: If you had been My only one, I still would have died for you. I feel like God spoke to my heart and lifted me from my sadness that night. I still get emotional over that experience.

Beautiful! Sounds just like God! Thank you for sharing that.

God bless,

My pleasure, my friend. Our God is so loving!

God bless. :slight_smile:

Because of Jesus Christ!

But your question my friend also goes two ways in a manner:

Why does God Love Us, cracked, sinful vessels that we are?

God Bless!:slight_smile:

I love God because he made me. I am a part of him. I have had many trials and tribulations and I never, never say why me. Every time I have had trials and tribulations I have and do feel Gods love for me. I love him with all my soul. Godbless.

Hehe, we’re not always very loveable, are we? I sometimes wonder why God would want to put up with our shenanigans. He must really love us. :slight_smile:

My dear friends

Wonderful thoughts. Thank you. Very uplifting to see so many people talk about why and their love of God.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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