What are the requirements for a valid Mass?

I was always taught that there are four - and only four- requirements for a valid Mass:

  1. Proper Matter
  2. Proper Form
  3. Proper Minister with the
  4. Proper Intention

Our pastor stated that, in addition to these requirements, the celebrant must also consume a Host which was consecrated at that specific Mass. If he does not, the entire Mass is invalid, and transubstantiation does not occur.

I would tend to disagree, simply because I don’t believe you can “undo” something that has already taken place.

Is our pastor’s assertion correct?


Mike Mueller

Dear Mike,

The four requirements are indeed adequate. While the celebrant is definitely supposed to consume that which he has consecrated, to not do so does not affect the validity of the consecration whatsoever. You are correct. The consecration can not be un-done.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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