What are the requirements for the sacrament of marriage?

Suppose I was to marry a girl from the UK who is an Anglican. What exactly would I have to do?

There are 2 issues here: legal and religious. You had best talk to an immigration lawyer about how to get her to Connecticut. If you intend to go to the UK, the British consulate in your area could be the best source (or she could meet with a lawyer on her side of the pond).

For the religious issue, just talk to your priest. All you would need is permission from the bishop to marry a non-Catholic Christian. Priests usually handle this automatically.

Personally, you would have to:
*]Be a Baptized and Confirmed Catholic.
*]Provide documentation prooving you were Baptized, Received Holy Communion, and Confirmed.
*]Speak to your Pastor to arrange the wedding.
*]Participate in a “Pre-Cana” or similar marriage preparation course, sponsored by your parish or the Diocese.
*]File a request for the permission of a mixed marriage with your Bishop (your pastor more or less handles this).
*]Say “I do!”

Between the two of you, you would need to discuss how the children would need to be raised as Catholics, and the actual venue for the ceremony. The Church usually requires the ceremony take place inside a Catholic Church, but you may be able to get some dispensation because the bride-to-be is not Catholic; this would be up to your Bishop.

I don’t think I forgot anything, but I may have.

I am engaged to a man from the UK. I have a few questions for you. Have you visited her yet?? And vice versa?? You would need either a fiance visa if you marry her in the UK or spousal visa if she marries you in the US. Go to this site that would help you with the governmental side of things: uk-yankee.com/ and also ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/customs-travel/Enteringtheuk/arrivingatukborder/

As for the things on the religion side, ask your current parish priest about that.

Normally on the visa boards. www.visajourney.com being the default on for US citizens making spousal visa petitions Catholics report that they have problems arranging the preparation course with fiance K-1 visas because the US law states you must marry within 90 days of entering the country. I don’t know if online or accelerated course are being offered everywhere because of the limited number of applicants

Pre-cana is becoming more and more an absolute requirement. There are lots of ways to do this with a long distance couple. The UK is actually one of the easiest since UK citizens can freely visit the US without Visas. Most of the initial work could be done during a visit to the US, lots could be done long distance via conference call or even with two priests - one in each country. The final interviews can easily take place within the final weeks before wedding, well within the 90 days.

The bride and groom need to be in the state of grace, and must intend Catholic Marriage.

I was reading the threads. Are you all talking about her entering the US and getting married over here?? What if he wants to go over there and marry her and live there?? He hasn’t said what they are planning on doing. But yes, there are options. But for someone like me, to go over and marry someone in the UK, I wouldn’t have to have this pre-Cana thing now would I?? What is that all about??

Yes you would, the pre cana is the church requirement. The visa type and movement restrictions no matter which direction the couple emigrates will be the secular requirement to satisfy the US and/or UK governments. Going between the US and UK is just easier then finding a couple from a so-called first world and third world nation government requirements wise.

So, in other words, I have to have a pre-cana thing huh? Well, I shall have to ask my fiance about that and also when we meet with his parish priest. Since I am converting to Catholicism, this is new to me. I have never heard of it. What does it involve if I may ask??

Premarital preparation can take many forms, from a formal program to simply meeting with the pastor.

“Pre Cana” is the name of one specific program. The requirement is not that one attend Pre Cana, but that one receive premarital preparation. What form that takes in any particular diocese or parish varies.

Oh ok! It is a marriage preparation thing. Yes, we will have to do that. Thank you for clarifying that for me!

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