What are the rules about genuflecting?

I thought I read somewhere that at the end of the Mass, when leaving the pew, we should not genuflect because we don’t need to make an acknowledgement to the presence of Christ in the tabernacle, because we just received Christ in us. So genuflecting after receiving is, in effect, disregarding the fact that Christ is in us and therefore we shouldn’t do it.

I’ve tried to find what I read again, but I can’t seem to do so. Is this correct? Or should we still be genuflecting even after receiving communion?

Also, while on the subject of genuflecting, shouldn’t it always be done facing the tabernacle? I’ve noticed that most people always genuflect in the direction of the altar instead. I could understand if the concecrated host was on the altar at the time, but I see people doing it even when the altar is empty (such as at the end of Mass).


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