What are the rules for wearing the Brown Scapular?


Hi everyone. What are the rules for wearing the Brown Scapular? You have to pray a 5 decade rosary each day right? What other requirements are there?:shrug::confused:


I wear one.Here’s acool link to site.Talk to your Pastor,too!!!:thumbsup:



Ah ok thanks! I have been invested in the Brown Scapular once before. At least I think I have been. :slight_smile: I know I had it blessed.


I received mine near the end of CHRP from our Priest. Some guys carry theirs in their pocket. I wear mine 24/7. We were not given any specific rules to live by. The one rule seems to be wear it or keep it with you always.

Another great site:


That last site speaks of abstaining from meat on Wed & Sat. I haven’t ever seen that one:blush: . (I’m enrolled and my confessor agreed to let me change “The Little Hours…” to 5 decades of the Rosary, since I did that every day anyway). Do any of you do the abstinence Wed & Sat.?


I’m vegan.24/7


It is not a requirement to abstain from meat on Wednesday and Saturday. Some may choose to do this, if they wish.


I wear the brown scapular and wasn’t given any specific rule on how to organize my spiritual life. I try to go to mass as often as possible and pray the rosary every day. But usually not the whole rosary.


**A Christian friend of mine recently viewed EWTN’s Mother Angelica’s TV broadcast “The Scapular and St. James.” Based on what my friend saw (I didn’t see the video) I was told that if a non-Catholic wears the Scapular and believes in what Roman Catholics believe, they are allowed to attend Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion.

I didn’t think that the scapular made it that easy. Please clarify and what is the Canon Law stand on this issue ?

Thank You. **


That sounds like a friend of yours misunderstood.

I have heard of non-Catholics wearing a Brown Scapular because they want the protection of our Blessed Mother. Perhaps, if they let her, she will eventually lead them to the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church.


I think your friend is mistaken. Here is a bit more information. catholic.com/tracts/who-can-receive-communion


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