What are the rules of the fivefold scapular?


Hi everyone. I am considering buying a fivefold scapular sometime soon but I don't know what the rules are for wearing it. What must a person enrolled in the fivefold scapular do on a daily basis in order to continue receiving the graces of it? :shrug::confused:




Bumping this up yet again. Will anyone ever respond? :shrug::confused:


I don’t know what the exact rules of the fivefold scapular are either. Maybe someone here who wears one would be better able to respond, but I did find these two websites about it:



The second website, you can also order the fivefold scapular from. It’s possible if you bought one they would send you a little pamphlet with all it requires or just call or email them.

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It’s ok JS Cortez. Hopefully someone else will come along and tell me the rules of it. :slight_smile:


I can give you some partial information on them, but I have to look up where I put it. Give me a few, and I’ll get it to you. I used to have a website with a great deal of information on the sacramentals.

Eventually I want to put up something like it again, but I haven’t done it yet.

I composed some brief prayers at one point for my own use to remind myself and foster devotion to what each of the scapulars signified devotion to.

I recommend that you find some prayers regarding the focus of each of the five scapulars – not the necessarily scapulars themselves (I think that would be hard to find), but the Passion, the Immaculate Conception, etc. and say these each day or regularly and live in such a way to especially honor and foster devotion to what the scapular is meant to call to remembrance. :slight_smile:

And familiarizing yourself with the graces and calls of each of the religious orders these minor scapulars allow us to wear scapulars in devotion to.


Here, perhaps instead of gathering my notes this will do the trick. The end of the book has a great deal to say upon the Five-Fold Scapular, I recommend it highly.

The Devotion of the Holy Rosary and the Five Scapulars

Also this book has some info on the various requirements:


I will note however, that because of Pope Paul VI, the indulgences are not what they were, though one may still hope for Heaven's especial help.


Actually the only thing you have to do is have it invested to you by ANY PRIEST …any priest can do it ,there is no need to be a carmelite or a trinitarian etc, actually you can make it blessed by a priest with some holy water and thats all …i have one five fold scapular and the only thing i did was to make it blessed by a priest , a polish priest in the town i live ,BUT only if you want to , if you want to be invested you you can buy the scapular usually it comes with the formula , take the scapular and the formula to your parish and have the priest read the formula and place the scapular around your neck …is like the Saint Benedict medal , any priest can bless it now not necessary a benedictine …hopefully this is helpful …bye:amen:


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