What are the signs of God's love?


The title says it all.

Please don’t bother to bring up John 3:16. I heard that too many times and it does not carry weight for me, since I do not consider the Bible of any relevance.

Are there any other signs of God’s love? You know: here and now? Something, that would support the argument that God indeed loves us? Because I sure don’t see anything…


You’re alive, breathing, here and posting right? I take that as a sign.


You’re surrounded by such wonderful Catholics and non-Catholics on CAF! :smiley:


Nothing? Sounds like you’ve set an impossibly high bar. Since you see no such signs, what would you consider signs of God’s love?


Tonight at Eucharistic Adoration I was reading a book by Fr. John Harden in my studies. In the book he was talking about the the commandment “not to lie”.

In developing an insight into the meaning he said that we as social creatures must communicate in order to be understood. As we speak the truth we communicate that we love one another because we tell exactly what is on our mind. This is one of the items of the basis for love. Truth between people helps love grow.

Speaking half truths or no truth at all causes distance and approbation. Trust cannot grow in this atmosphere.

I therefore offer as a sign of love in our midsts the truth of open and honest communication.



I don’t.

That is cute. :slight_smile:

My expectations are irrelevant. I am looking for arguments that support the assumption that God loves us. But since you ask, I am looking for the same kinds of signs I would need to see if you told me that X loves Y. That is hardly an unreasonably “high bar”. So what are these signs?

Well, that is something.

I fail to see how that would support God’s love for us. Of course I see plenty of lies, too. And I don’t see how could it be a sign of love if one honestly, and vehemently “tells someone off”. When someone honestly says: “I hate you!”. How is that honesty the sign of love? Especially God’s love?


Romans 5:6 For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.
7 For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die.
8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


My cut at this would be that all love, is God’s love.

We live in a world where we exist amongst love and the absence of love (evil). The love amongst us is from God, the absence of love is from our own doing.

The love of any person onto another is from God, just as the two were created by God. The love of one community onto another is from God. The love of a person onto God is from God, The love of God onto us as witnessed by His creation of us along with His giving us the free will to chose or reject this love for all eternity in a place where we no longer must live in a place absent of love (Heaven), is “His Love”.

Yet we must have faith to believe and to hope for this. Else our free will becomes compromised.


did you wake up this morning?
have you experienced or witnessed love?
is the sun still giving forth heat and light?
trees still growing, birds still singing?
earth still bringing forth food?
planets still revolving in their paths?
have you been the recipient or witness of acts of kindness?
do you exist?
ever looked at mountains, oceans, stars, waterfalls, natuarl wonders with a sense of awe?
ever just sat on the grass watching a bug doing its thing?
all are signs of God’s love


“Same kinds of signs I would need to see if you told me that X loves Y”? How about you tell us what those are first, and then we’ll see what we can do to show you the signs of God’s love.

Because the way it is right now, it’s like you’re asking us to hit a goal that you just keep putting up higher the closer we reach it, just so we can’t.


Hardly! Since you asked the question, and since you claimed you did not see any such signs, your expectations are at the center of the question.

I am looking for arguments that support the assumption that God loves us. But since you ask, I am looking for the same kinds of signs I would need to see if you told me that X loves Y. That is hardly an unreasonably “high bar”. So what are these signs?

This is an odd comment when you think about it. Should God buy us flowers and candy? Should God do the dishes for us when we’re tired? Should God stay home with us when we’re sick rather than go bowling?

Please, give some examples of how God would show this love that you cannot see anywhere. Until we understand what you would accept as signs of love by God, we can’t go anywhere with your question.


Interesting question.
“Signs” are sensual in nature - things we can see, smell, touch and hear and objectively feel. This discounts emotions, reason and intellect. That is a shame since love is emotional and spiritual at its core. So you are asking us to give you the most superficial examples of God’s love from a God who is not superficial and gives deeply and multidimensionally in a context of life and death and eternity. Thus you are asking for tangible evidence that there is a physical-spiritual bridge that spans the gap between two different domains.

The most ubiquitous sign I can think of that God loves us is that God even lets us imperfect and irrational creatures continue to exist to infect the planet and the unfathomable scale of the Cosmos with our frivolous ideas, self-centered thoughts and selfish pursuits of idle pleasures while being conspicuously indifferent to the consequences and blind to the debt of gratuity.

Life itself is a sure sign that God tolerates us at all. But tolerance is not necessarily love. We might be too insignificant to “bother with”. So how do I get to love from an obvious state of tolerance? I would say that evidence that God not only tolerates us but loves us is discernible if we can demonstrate that God suffers us when it is within His power to withdraw from us and abandon us.

The key here is in recognizing that love is normally a bi-directional thing. At least a perfect Love as we presume God extends requires at least some return of that love or else its an unfulfilled love. So we have 2 dimensions of love to look for: 1) Unconditional love flowing in and 2) responsive love from humanity flowing out.

In the first case all evidence points to the cross. Confirmation of God’s love is in seeing the response to His love from those many millions of saints and religious who have fallen in love with God to the point that they have given everything they possessed, that is their entire lives, to God as a reciprocal gesture of love.

Therefor, on this side of the divide we see The Church and her saints as direct evidence of God’s Love.



Very selective list, and all those are natural phenomena. Are the diseases, the disasters also signs of God’s love?

I don’t think I raised the bar. Love is an emotion, which is just an empty word if it is not backed up by actions. No matter how strongly one asserts her love for her child, if she neglects him, it is not love - it is just hypocrisy.

That is one way to put it. But I don’t want you to convince me, all I am looking for the signs, that you consider as undoubtedly signs of love, and which come from God.

So far all I saw some selective and natural events.

Feed the hungry, cure the sick, protect the innocent… minor stuff like that would be nice. But since none of these happen in an obvious manner, maybe you have some other signs, which are convincing to you.

To me the assertion that God “loves” us, is totally incomprehensible. Love must be manifested in actions, otherwise it is just an empty phrase. Where is the beef? :wink:


Ahh, so you’ve immediately given yourself an “out” to dismiss just about any signs we would offer, by declaring that they are “natural events”. So I gather that you will only be convinced by supernatural events, blatant miracles. Am I right?

Feed the hungry, cure the sick, protect the innocent… minor stuff like that would be nice. But since none of these happen in an obvious manner, maybe you have some other signs, which are convincing to you.

But all these things happen every day. However, you will declare them all to be “natural events” and thus claim they are not from God. So you seem to be demanding food falling from heaven and miraculous cures of disease and angels with flaming swords to fight injustice. Well, why do you assume this is how God would act if he existed?


God’s love is with every man created in His image. You seek Him because He is love and happiness. Without Him, you perish. God is love.


We were discussing a similar question this morning at our Catholic Men’s Breakfast (we meet every Saturday morning for breakfast, prayer, discussions on matters of faith and scripture.). We came to the conclusion that some people “get it” and others just don’t have a clue. Obviously you don’t have a clue and trying to prove God’s love to you is an exercise in futility. All I can offer is that you pray to God for a spark of grace, because without it, you will “never get it.”:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


and hatred is manifested in actions. Do you see God hating you? if yes, how?


The fact that you’re interested in this question is a good sign. Many people are just worried about their next pay-cheque, or what mood the boss is in today.

God is not an automatic wonder-dispenser. Would it be fair to say you only need ‘signs’ if you have lost your way?

Personally I wouldn’t bother him too much with prayers for myself; I might really need his help one day, and need to ‘pull in a favour’ * [superstitious Irishman talking]*.


We know God loves us not by what we feel, but by what He did?

Love is a theological virtue. Faith and hope are the other two. Fathi comes first, then hope, then love. You can not know God’s love unless you first know Him through faith.

Love can not be weighed with a scale, or measured with a ruler, or held in your hands, because it is not a material reality. If it is not a material reality and it exists, it is a spiritual reality. If one does not believe in spiritual things, love can not exist.

A better word than sign of love is manifestation of love. Love and sacrifice are inseperable. One is impossible without the other. Every time you see some sacrifice, one denying oneself for another you see the sign or manifestation of love.

God’s love revealed to us is in His sacrifice. These things are not knowable to unbelievers.

Two people can be in the same room and one not be aware of the things the other is aware of. God’s love is all around us and in us. Some people can not see or experience it. It is a matter of the disposition of the soul.

The same thing is true of things that are visible. Two men can see the same woman and one be charmed by her and fall in love with her. The other has no interest.

So Jesus says, “To those who have more shall be given, but to those who have not, even what they have shall be taken away.” Some people have abundant grace, and some lives are starved for it and miserable. Yet it is all around us. It is all a matter of receptivity.

A gift can be offered and refused, or accepted.


I find it rather interesting that in your first post you say that you basically have no use for the Bible.
Then in your later post you say that feeding the hungry, curing the sick, protecting the innocent…as you call, “minor stuff like that”, would be proof to you that someone loves and that is exactly what Jesus teaches us all to do. That is love in action.
We are to be Christ like to one another, are you doing those things?
Love is a choice we make, not an emotion.
You either choose to do good or evil. We are free to do good, not free to do evil, but a lot of people make the wrong choice.
Jesus left us a Church, gave us the Sacraments, just today I went to the Sacrament of Confession (love in action), witnessed a wedding, the Sacrament of Matrimony (love in action), attended Mass and received the Sacrament of Sacraments, Holy Communion (love in action).
God is love. Whenever you do something loving, you are responding to God’s love. He loved us first, we can respond to His love or not.
If you are in need of those things, are you asking for what you need or waiting for someone to notice?
One thing the Church isn’t in the business of doing is reading minds, as a matter of fact, it forbids that.

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