What are the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses?


I heard that they were teaching magick, and because of that they weren’t included in the Bible. What exactly are they?


They have nothing to do with the Bible. They are books of spells that are used by “hex doctors”, which are an old superstition, especially in the middle Atlantic states.
I don’t know their origin. I actually did see a copy once, & it totally creeped me out. Lots of runes & astrological symbols. And “words”–just letters strung together, but there are people that will try to influence others with them.
They are nothing to fool around with, IMHO…the kind of thing that satan would love to get us mixed into!


could that have something to do with the kabalah? (sp?) i’ve heard a few things about it assoociated with reincarnation or numerology. not that i’m really into those things. :thumbsup:


personally I always associated them with the apocrophal books “the apocalypse of Moses” and “the assumption of Moses”. the latter is referenced in the epistle of Jude in v 8-9


On www.sacred-texts.com they have a translation of them. For some reason, they terrify me. They send shivers down my spine whenever I read them. They are basically invoking spells in the name of Angels and Christian God instead of that false wiccan god and Goddess. However God forbids spells even if they are done in His name. Prayer is just as effective as spells anyway, and anyways praying won’t get you sent to Hell either.


ahhh! I got chills down my spine too, has anyone ever tried one of the “seals”.


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