What are the things that make you happy? what are the things the gives you joy?


Today marks the 3rd sunay of Advent called Gaudete Sunday which means to rejoice. As I listen to the homily where the priest aptly differentiates the state of being happy vs.being joyful, i relfect on the everday lives that we lead knowing there are times that we are happy because we have recieved, owned, possessed, given, brought or even sold something. But there are times, too, that we experience joy beyond what we can explain or feel because of what He has revealed to us and what we have learned despite the odds in life. For starters, I am happy that I have stufffs to recieve this Christmas (some of them were early gifts) and I will be spending this Christmas with my family but on a personal note, what gives me so much joy is God’s renewed but constant love everyday as I wake up and come to Him in prayer. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me this year but He lifted me up just as I was about to lose it. He came right on time. And that’s the joy I cannot contain.

So what are you happy and joyful about? :slight_smile:


Today is a day of joy because today in the Word we are reminded that He who is our joy - Jesus Christ - is coming. Let us rejoice in God just as Mary did and pray for the coming of the Reign of God, and let us live in the Holy Spirit that we may hasten the coming of the Reign of God, for God reigns in the heart of the righteous man. It is not man who brings the Kingdom of God but the King and God; we who are but dust at His feet pray and live in Him, and He in us.


I am most happy in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament. In His Presence, I feel safe and loved. :heart:

God bless.


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