What are the TLM readings for tomorrow?

My parents are coming in to town to attend the TLM with me tomorrow. It will only be the second TLM I’ve been to, and the first one I went to I was LOST! What are the readings for tomorrow, and how would I go about finding them out since I don’t have an old missal?

I’m so excited, I’ve wanted my mom and dad to go to the TLM with me for a looooong time. This is the mass they grew up with. They’re both born in 1939. They’ve fallen from the faith, so I’m really really praying for a spark for them to come back in FULL communion with the faith.

Sunday is the 4th Sunday after Epiphany:
Epistle to the Romans 13:8-10
Gospel of St. Matthew 8:23-27

Thank you! :bounce:

Did you look this up in an old missal? Are there any online sources I could look this up on if I want to in the future?

Sort of. My missal is of the type that follows the altar missal almost exactly, and so it only lists the beginning verse [e.g. Romans (xiii.8)] so I looked it up in my Bible for the ending verses.

You could use the Latin Mass Society Ordo here and then look up Sunday readings here. I had also once drawn up a full list of weekday (votive Masses) and a partial one of sanctorale readings in the thread here

The only difficulty is for when Sundays after Epiphany are omitted because of the beginning of Septuagesima (Pre-Lent) and placed at the end of the liturgical year where they replace the Epistle and Gospel of that Sunday (e.g. the readings for the 24th Sunday after Pentecost maybe replaced by Xth Sunday after Epiphany). But the Ordo should tell you that.

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Thanks so much! :smiley: :heart:

I wish I had seen your post last night. Oh well, keep the link below in your bookmarks for the future. Scroll down to the calendars, click on the date, and it will give you all the Propers for that days Mass.

I hope and pray that this will bring your parents back to the Faith.

Link for TLM Calendar

Great, thanks! I have all of these bookmarked now, and I just sent them to my dad as well. I think they enjoyed themselves this morning, but we were nearly 10 minutes late, and they are really enamoured with their baby grandson, so I’m not sure how much they actually got from it. I’m hoping they’ll come back again next weekend.

Thanks especially for your prayers. God bless!

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