What are the vows the Jesuits take?

I was wondering where I can find, or if someone can send me or post a link to, the vows the Jesuits take? Not just what the vows are but the vows in their entirety. I know someone who keeps sending me all manner of things against the Catholic Church, and they have sent me something against the Jesuit order. I want to know the truth from a credible Catholic source on the full vows the Jesuits take, and if they take blood oaths or not. Please help

What is the formula for the four solemn vows that Jesuits take?
I, (name), make my profession, and I promise to Almighty God, in the presence of his Virgin Mother, the whole heavenly court, and all those here present and to you , Reverend Father (Provincial, Rector, etc.) representing the Superior General of the Society of Jesus and his successors and holding the place of God, perpetual poverty, chastity and obedience; and, in conformity with it, special care for the instruction of children, according to the manner of living contained in the apostolic letters of the Society of Jesus and its Constitutions.

I further promise a special obedience to the Sovereign Pontiff in regard to the missions according to the same apostolic letters and Constitutions.

Place (name), in the Church of (name), on the date of (date)



No Catholic religious orders or associations take “blood oaths”. Not the Jesuits, not anybody else.


That “Jesuit Blood Oath” that some fundamentalists like to cite is a proven fraud, inserted into the Congressional Record by anti-Catholic politicians a century or more ago. We have a radio preacher in this area that loves to talk about it. Lots of info on the Internet about the history of that specious claim.


What even is a blood oath?

I heard a very interesting piece of advice regarding people who believe in conspiracy theories and how to combat them. If you are dealing with a bona fide conspiracy theorist, no facts nor logic will convince them otherwise. Even if you show him the link of what the Jesuits do for vows, I’m sure he’ll say something along the lines of that the blood vow is secret due to its subversive contents. The question you should ask such people then is why. So why do the Jesuits have such a secret oath which isn’t actually secret? Why do Jesuits need to make such an oath? How has that gone for them over the centuries, especially given that they’ve been persecuted and even shut down by the Pope at one point?

It involves swearing by blood, like you cut yourself and bleed and sign your name in blood, and/or exchange blood with somebody else, the whole “blood brothers” thing.
It’s Hollywood horror show baloney.


I can not grasp the promise of " perpetual poverty" and “submission to the Pope.”
Some great figures in North America do not really in unison with a Pope on politics, also some Jesuits are owning quite costly educational institutions (the private universities)
I agree that universities are intellectual properties but they are made from stones.
US is mighty country and ecclesial elites of some Catholic brenches are from US diaspora, and they sometimes more serve the US interests not the Vatican vision.

You can also point out that over the past 125 years a number of Jesuits have left the Order, were removed from the Order, sometimes removed from the priesthood, I believe a few ex communicated from the Church. Some expressed very public disagreement with the Jesuits, for very different reasons. I know one who is now a Methodist minister.

Any of these people could have revealed (and gotten a book/movie rights) about any secret vows or oaths, or special agendas for assassinations, overthrow of governments or collusion with Masons/Mormons/Communists/Keeping-Hitler-on-Life-Support.
None have done so.

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They don’t own their own property. It doesn’t mean they have to live in a hovel wearing tattered robes and no shoes.

When the Pope gives them an order, they obey.
I have seen certain Jesuits obey even when I know they don’t personally agree with the Pope.

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You see the Jesuits frequently work among fluential and very rich, and in some parts of the world, even pentecostal charismatic can learn from them how to raise financial funds.
It’s almost impossible to convert the rich but its possible to get exeedingly rich by being a rich mens friend.
No, in a world of politics the vision of Vatican sometimes is in conflict with mighty powers who give the green light for war/opposite to Vatican peace making statements

My dad had said Jesuits were referred to as ‘soldiers of God,’ or something like that, because of their fervor and devotion.

Yes, their founder St. Ignatius Loyola was originally a soldier, who was injured in battle and couldn’t continue his military career.
So he founded the Jesuits instead, and they always did a lot of dangerous missionary work.

Dangerous+risky but they are real men.

Religious vow personal poverty. It does not mean that their organizations cannot own anything. Some Franciscans have tried corporate poverty along with their personal poverty, but generally have been forced to own some property in order to minister properly. All the institutions areowned by Jesuits collectively, and ad ministered by individuals for the whole community.

Not all Jesuits take the fourth vow of obedience to the Pope. But pretty much all of them behave as if they did take it, no matter what you or I might think of their positions.

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The poverty vow is personal. Their needs are provided for but do not amass personal wealth. They live simply. They raise funds for their work such as to build and maintain universities.

I would add that the powers of darkness target these people most.
The higher your position the more powers of darkness target you.
Also, they can be much critisized and blamed by the followers of different worldviews, even in their countries of origins, but later frequently history proves the naked truth and justify them, so the main thing is right conviction and pure heart

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This is not quite accurate. While it is a fraud, it was not put into the Congressional Record by anti-Catholic politicians… well, okay, maybe the politicians were anti-Catholic, because this was 1913 after all. But the reason it was put into there was not anti-Catholicism on their part. One can see it here:

The oath is there, though it should be noted first of all that it is identified as the oath of the Knights of Columbus, not the Jesuits. But anyway, from context, we can see that the issue was there was dispute concerning an election in which one of the candidates was Catholic (and a member of the Knights of Columbus) and lost. He accused his opponent of various points of fraud that affected the election, one of which was that during the election, a newspaper ran an article which produced a supposed “oath” taken by the Knights of Columbus to attack him with, and the losing candidate accused his opponent of being complicit in it. This “oath” was included because one of the two people involved in the dispute entered it into the record for reference. No one claimed it was an actual oath, not even his opponent (“I do not believe in its truthfulness,” upper left portion of page 3219).

It does predate its usage in that election, though. The British Catholic Truth Society actually published a pamphlet criticizing it prior to that; one may read it here:

I was at a Mass where the Jesuit pastor made his final vows. The fourth vow, the promise of obedience to the pope, was made privately in the sacristy.

The Jesuits use the term “the Company”, not a corporation but a military unit.

I think some of the fundamentalist legend of Jesuits derives from the late Jack, who wrote a comic book and tracts. Our Sunday Visitor challenged him to produce evidence that this supposed Jesuit ever existed.

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