What are the words we say after.....?

A priest or deacon says, "A reading from the gospel of (x).)

The laypeople say words while we cross our foreheads, lips, and heart. What ARE those words???

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P/D: “A reading from the gospel of (x).”
C: “Glory to you, O Lord.”

May the words of the Gospel be ever in my mind, on my lips and in my heart, so as to bring me into more perfect Communion with you my Lord.


There are variations, but this is the gist.


I’ve actually wondered about the wording of this I learned as a child. Most people seem to have a wording that includes mention of the Gospel (since it is said right before it), but I learned the phrasing during Children’s Liturgy at my parish and it was:

May the Lord ever be on my mind, on my lips, and in my heart.

Is it more appropriate the mention the Gospel at this moment in mass? I can see either wording be fine (especially since the structure is the same), just wanted to nitpick my prayer a bit and see what others thought.

Ok great, thx!!!

Now since theres differences here, wat about the words AFTER???

Priest: The word of the Lord
People: Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ

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K thanks ya all


Thank you :relaxed:

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