What are they doing with our dues?


Why would Teachers Union need to pay for jail time??? What are they doing? Am I missing something? Is this what teachers pay dues for?

Just unions doing what unions do…squeezing as much money for anything and everything.

Historically unions collected dues in order to compensate workers during strikes and such. Paying the wages of workers that were arrested during the course of union activites, such as during a protest or picket line, would make sense.

The idea is to mitigate the damages that workers would incur from collective action, as loss of wages would be the primary reason a worker would cross the picket line. Knowing that your family would continue to receive pay while you were in jail or out of work for supporting the union encourages bolder collective action.

“The NEA contract specifies that this will be at the regular hourly rate for** all **time spent in jail,”

Bolding is mine

Does this mean that if they are in jail for 30 full days, just as an example, they will be paid 720 hours of wages? 720 hours is equal to 18, 40 hour work weeks.

Possibly. Being arrested for serving the union would logically imply getting paid for all time in jail. It’s not as if they let you out of jail after eight hours each day. :slight_smile:

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