What are those phenomena which demons can't induce? What are those signs which demons can't imitate?


Can demons induce yawning, farting, rumbling of stomach, contraction of muscles, sweating, nausea? Can they induce odors (like the odor of incense or the odor of oil)? Can they feign divine consolation? Can they induce sweetness in the soul? Can they speak messages in the mind? Can they induce pain in the body? Can they induce the stigmata? Can they induce mystical experiences?


Bear in mind that I am a layman with no special qualifications. I tell you only what I think to be the case, and speak under correction from those with real knowledge.

Induce yawning, rumbling of stomach, nausea, farting, muscle contractions? Odors? Body pain?
Yes to all of these, provided they can get at you at all.

Speak messages in the mind? They can suggest ideas to you. That’s how they go about temptation.

Can they induce sweetness in the soul? Can they feign divine consolation?
I suppose they can fake such things. Genuine sweetness, I do not think so. The demons are they who know not joy.

Stigmata, mystical experiences? I suppose they can fake them.


The devil can not tell the truth! The devil is the father of lies. The bad angels can not do good. They hate us. The devil can not tell the future but he can predict it.


It does not matter what the devil can do. He is always powerless against the faithful. Trust God.


why are you asking such questions.

If you have any doubts ASK YOUR PRIEST

You have a history that looks scrupulous . We cannot and should not be answering this type of question.

it is for your clergy, your priest to answer


This is taken from an excellent book, there is also a video available on the page:



I think all those things can be feigned. Even virtues aren’t safe.


In the last more than one year, an intelligent being influenced my actions and my thoughts, suggesting to me many things about myself, about God’s will & plan for my life and about my vocation, and sending me messages in my mind. Judging by the fruits, it is evident to me that this intelligent being can’t come from God, so he/it must be a demon/evil spirit. But in the past few weeks, it was sometimes accompanied by phenomena which was so sweet or had such other qualities that I couldn’t imagine that anybody can induce it, except God. That’s why I decided to ask this question.


There’s a third option, you know, and it’s by far the likeliest. If it’s not God, and it’s not demonic, it’s mental illness and you should see a psychiatrist. That’s by far the more common thing.


It is evident that it is an intelligent being whom I have contact with, because the continuance of these phenomena are often dependent upon my response (especially the yawning and the little pains that he/it induces). I have to guess what he/it thinks of, and I know from different signals which answer he/it accepts. It is clear that this can’t come from within myself.

But the question is: What are those phenomena which demons can’t induce? Can they induce the above listed phenomena? I would like to see a trustworthy source. (I remember that I have read about these but I can’t find those writings again.)


Why is that clear? You’re unconsciously supplying an answer to some physical stimulus. None of this disproves mental illness.

Note that I’m not saying you’re lying. I believe you genuinely hear these things. I just think it’s way more likely to be a symptom of mental illness than anything else.

At the very least, talk to a psychiatrist to rule it out.


You’re in touch with an ‘intelligent’ being ? Be careful.
Pray for discernment.
And read about Spiritual warfare - too.


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