What are we all watching on Netflix?

Hi all

As a cable less person with access to only 4-5 OTA channels, Netflix is pretty much my only source of entertainment besides the internet. I thought I would start this thread for recommendations and discussion on movies and TV programs available on Netflix stream.

I recently watched The Way and really enjoyed it I also watched this teen series Dance Academy (don’t laugh lol) it’s really designed for tweens and teens but I really enjoyed it. It did have some questionable episodes dealing with sex and homosexuality but overall it was very tame and not overly sexualized. It’s about a group of high school kids that go to this prestigious dance school to become world class ballet dancers.

So, what is everyone else watching? Any good series out there?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I absolutely love the foreign films available on Netflix. I subscribe to both the live streaming and the DVD service by mail (some films are only available this way). I love this service.

Lately, I’ve been watching movies by the great film makers A. Wajda and Krystolf Kieslowski. You should give some of their films a look. Netflix has an incredible library of foreign films, really.

I recently watched a movie called Rust it’s about a minister dealing with his troubling faith overall very good movie.:thumbsup:

I’m kind of a scifi fan so I watched ‘Sliders’. I also recently enjoyed watching ‘The Way’ also. It is difficult to find shows that portray good moral values. Which is one reason I rarely watch TV anymore. However, with my recent trial of Netflix I have been watching a little more lately if only because it allows you to pick and choose at your convenience. Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage advertised on Netflix as well. I havent been using it long enough to know if it is worth subscribing to. And I dont want it to become a distraction.

Recommended flicks on streaming Netflix, some Catholic-oriented, some not.

  1. Brideshead Revisited - the full miniseries with Jeremy Irons, based on the novel by the Catholic convert Evelyn Waugh. Very adult themed, but appropriate in context and very Catholic in message.

  2. Becket

  3. The Company: Inigo and his Jesuits

  4. The Passion of the Christ

  5. The Secret of Kells

  6. Red Planet Mars (Above-average 1950s sci-fi flick with religious theme - scientist Peter Graves establishes radio contact with Mars, which appears to have a Christian civilization. This causes worldwide turmoil, including the conversion of Russia. But are things really what they seem?) Also contains perhaps the only appearance of a real Pope in a sci-fi film, as Pope Pius XII is briefly seen in newsreel footage.

I added all of them to my instant queue I will get to watching them.

I highly recommend *Murdoch Mystries. *

Forsyte Saga and Downton Abbey!!! Love, love, LOVE the BBC!!!


I’m watching Army Wives, Weeds, and Law and Order recently.

LOVE Netflix!!

Mighty Macs
Downton Abbey
the series on Rail Trails
Out of Ireland

Here are a couple of websites that might be helpful:



  1. Parks and Recreation. It’s pretty funny.
  2. Any of the Star Trek series -
    a) Original series (good to see where it all started)
    b) Next Generation (Patrick Stewart is great). Great 80’s and early 90’s nostalgia. Interesting to watch the actors become comfortable with their characters over the first season.
    c) Deep Space Nine. More complex and long-running sub-plots. Takes a couple seasons of character / situational development to really get going. But it gets interesting in the later seasons, both ethically and philosophically. And they ask a lot of their supporting actors.
    d) Voyager. Well-executed. Couple of painful (but essential) episodes in the beginning to establish the characters and the premise of the show. Also has some good philosophical and ethical questions.
    e) Enterprise. Hate this one on principle (too many violations of the Star Trek canon to count) but I admit it is great TV.
  3. Battlestar Galactica. Great series, complex characters, good ethical questions. All the things I liked about Deep Space Nine, but better executed from the beginning. Also, perfect ending.
  4. Firefly. Great series, complex characters, good ethical questions.
  5. Serenity - movie after Firefly series
  6. Dead Like Me (series, not the movie) - 17-year-old girl grows up after death. You’ll know what I mean when you watch it.

That’s just off the top of my head.

Doctor Who!!!

Someone above mentioned the series Dead Like Me. EXTREMELY funny. Not on Instant Watch at the moment, though.

I watched a couple of foreign films on Netflix Instant this past weekend.

  1. “Guzaarish”, from India. Film is about Ethan, a quadriplegic, and a successful inspirational author and radio host, who fights for the “right to die”. I mainly watched it to see how a movie from India, where assisted suicide is illegal, would handle the subject. The director has stated he didn’t want to favor one side or the other in the debate, but IMHO he did not succeed in that … in the beginning there is a lot of resistance to Ethan’s wish to die (especially given his success as an inspirational speaker/author etc.) but after one caller phones his show supporting his wish, it seemed to me like almost all the opposition disappeared.

  2. “Once Upon a Time”, from South Korea. Onscreen title is “Once Upon A Time in Corea”. Set in the waning days of World War II, while Korea was still under Japanese rule, this is a caper comedy. It concerns the Japanese discovery of a legendary diamond called the “Light of the East” in Korea, and the attempts of Korean independence fighters to steal it before it can be taken back to Japan. Fun movie.


Any old action movies I can find

Classical movies

Jackie chan movies

Chuck Norris

Bruce Willis

Kung fu stuff

a few I can’t remember

Any of the Star Trek series !!!

God bless

I’m currently watching Xena: Warrior Princess from start to finish. My friends poked fun at me for it but I don’t care! :slight_smile:

Just watched Memento on there. Quite a good film though I am still puzzling over what exactly happened in it. :smiley: I’d definately suggest it.

Star Trek Voyager, I love it and love that it is on netflix.
Downton Abbey, excellent BBC series.
Actually watches a few episodes of Glee, not as bad as I thought, though still a primetime soap.
Avatar the Last Airbender- awesome cartoon/anime

Yeah I have strange and diverse tastes.:o

My husband actually utilizes it more than I do, while I pretend to watch primetime while actually browsing CAF.

I haven’t watched Netflix recently, but when I was watching it Quantum Leap, Magnum P.I., and the Rockford Files were all shows that I enjoyed watching again.


Just started watching Rob Roy, with Liam Neeson.
I enjoyed The Next Three Days, about a man who rescues his innocent wife from prison. (Russell Crowe.)
Of course, Dr Who.
Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes set in modern times-- cute)
Bless the Child
The Miracle of the Bells
Tom and Thomas
Billy Elliot
Much Ado about Nothing

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