What are we all watching on Netflix?

Lie to Me

Midsommer Murders (lots of episodes in this series)

Doc Martin - stars Martin Clunes in a series about a doctor (who has a blood phobia) working in a small village in Cornwall; lots of delightful characters.

Psych is awesome!!!

If you like Psych you might also like Burn Notice. It is more serious than Psych but still hilarious.

I LOVED Dance Academy! So glad I’m not the only one :smiley:

I’d recommend Doctor Who to anyone, pretty much good clean fun for the whole family.

Also, check out some of the Korean dramas on there. They’re usually clean in my experience. I loved “Playful Kiss” and “Boys over Flowers”… haha. There’s a few I’ve watched that I can’t remember the names of.

I finally saw ‘The Mighty Macs’ on Netflix. Definitely a must buy…you can get it on Target.com and possibly some Walmarts.

Not much else…The Revolution series is on my instant Queue and a few cartoon series.

My wife and I really enjoy Doc Martin.

I was just going to say I’m in the middle of watching the Forsyte Saga. I love it so far. Its a bummer that Season 2 of Downton Abbey isn’t streaming…

Oh, and Confession is good too.

Thanks for recommending Red Planet Mars, I never heard of it before and really enjoyed it.

You’re very welcome. Kind of a thought-provoking movie (it also predicted big flat-screen TVs!)

thank you all for your suggestions so far. I unfortunately broke my wrist a few days ago and will have surgery on Friday. I find it funny that I started this thread since i will now have tons of extra time for netflix! I have watched many of the series recommended such as all the star treks, downton abbey and sherlock, loved them all. I will check out some of the others. I might not post as much since it’s very annoying to type with one arm :rolleyes:

We finished Season 3 of Mad Men last night…my wife has seen most of them already but I’m trying to catch up. Top notch acting and writing…there’s a reason it got 17 Emmy nominations this year.

I watched the entire series of Scrubs. I had never seen it before at all, and found that the 1st season was a bit of a trudge… but over time, it really grew on me, and I’ve never seen a show quite like it… never seen a show that flips from comedy to drama and back as seamlessly.

There is a lot of promiscuity and innuendo though so if that stuff bothers you, it’s a no go.

Other shows I’ve been watching:

The Office
Star Trek:TNG

Oh, and I agree with the others here, Psych is a great show… and I think, in general, not offensive.

i want to thank the people that recommended Doc Martin, it’s great. Very funny and quirky and I love it. I started watching being human uk version but i had to stop due to the excessive nudity and sex scenes. A shame because i liked the premise of the show.

Currently I’m watching Legend of the Seeker with my wife. I thought, at the outset, that it was going to be super cheesy–and at times it is. However, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m thinking about readingt the book series.

I started watching psych and it’s great! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. I fully recommend it and I will start watching some korean dramas soon :slight_smile:

I recently watched “Deep Impact”, one of the two competing giant-object-from-space-threatens-Earth movies from the summer of 1998 (the other was Michael Bay’s “Armageddon”). I had seen the end of the movie before but never the whole thing.

Trivia note: this was the highest grossing movie ($140 million in North America) directed by a woman (Mimi Leder) until “Twilight” came along.

So last night, with the help of Netflix, I watched a Hong Kong action double feature, “The Heroic Trio”, starring Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, and Michelle Yeoh (my favorite foreign actress), and its sequel, “Executioners”.

The version of the first movie on Netflix is dubbed in English; so I watched my import HK disc which has the original Cantonese audio with English subtitles. I prefer to watch movies in the original language when possible.

I had not seen “Executioners” before. For that movie, Netflix had the original Cantonese audio with subtitles. Don’t ask me why the first movie was dubbed and the second subtitled.

I enjoyed “The Heroic Trio” – had only watched it once before, and that was a few years ago, so it was like watching it for the first time. There is, however, an action taken by the “heroes” toward the end that is extremely troubling. Still, I give it a 7/10.

Executioners was not nearly as good, and I can’t recommend it. It is a bleak film - a nuclear holocaust has taken place since the first film. Worse, a child in the film is witness to some grisly deaths. And the movie is often just boring. I give it a 3/10.

Both films are quite violent, and in fact the first film’s English dub got an R rating for violence. The second would certainly be rated the same.

Let the Right One In and Farewell My Concubine were both great movies and rather depressing.

Currently watching Buffy.

I only do streaming with my Netflix account (I use blockbuster.com to rent cause they don’t charge extra for Blu Ray Rentals) and I recently watched Courage Mountain, a movie about the literary character Heidi grown up (she’s probably 15?) and going to a boarding school in italy in the middle of World War 1. It starred Charlie Sheen as Peter, her shepherd friend (I think this is BEFORE he went nuts and got into drugs and other problems cause I think this movie is from 1990). Its a really good movie and except for one really intense moment near the end, it has no truly scary parts.

I read the books before watching Legend of the Seeker. They are pretty different. The series is more of short stories based themed around the characters and events in the books. The books really end up just being the telling of one long epic tale. I liked them and have read all but the latest, a few I’ve read more than once. However. they need a couple warnings:

1)Terry Goodkind is a Ayn Rand follower, objectivism is throughout in his work, which means some of the thought processes are theologically inconstant with Catholicism. Such as faith is the opposite of reason, instead of reason and faith working together.

  1. They can be EXTREMELY violent and graphic. The Mord Sith scenes on the TV show don’t hold a candle to what he wrote about them.

  2. There is also sexual violence done by evil characters which is also graphic.

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