What are we to do as Catholics?

The days following the news of Pope Francis statements I am sure have been frustrating for every Catholic. I have met with very harsh responses and have seen so many deplorable statements about the Church since from media outlets, non-Catholics, and even some Catholics. How is everyone dealing with the questions and accusations? I hope your spirit is not broken and you all are still remaining strong. I have complete faith the Church will persevere through this.


I honestly haven’t thought about it too much. :man_shrugging:


I’m certainly not frustrated about it. And I doubt that most Catholics are even paying very much attention to the sensationalism that is going around on the media.

We as Catholics are to not jump to rash judgements about this or that, and we should avoid being influenced by sensationalist journalism and gossip.


Good points to have.

My kids are made uneasy and wondering why he would say that. I told them that maybe there were translation issues, taken out of context, spliced together, the usual excuses for the weird things he says.

It just makes Catholics look like a bunch of clueless hypocrites, that’s all.


His statements continue to create confusion, but it now seems (as before in other cases) his statements in the latest issue may also have been taken out of context/spliced together, etc. Nevertheless, it does not help that he doesn’t reach out immediately to clarify ambiguity.

I am coping by largely ignoring this Pope’s films, interviews, etc. Not worth my time, frankly. Keep in mind that he has NOT changed Catholic dogma but has (sigh, again) simply spoken as himself.

It also helps to know history. I do, and there have been worse popes–far worse in fact–and Catholicism has survived. I am convinced that God is providing us all the help we need right now, despite this papacy, and that he is raising many saints among us. Start to look for them!


Nope my spirit and belief in the Catholic Church/Faith is even stronger because of this. It helps me to see, KNOW and explain to others why we have Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium. This is another one of satan’s games that he plays with trying to confuse us and make us doubt. he doesn’t even try anything new. It;s the same old stuff. he knows we’re tired from Covid, tired from all of the political stuff, tired from the natural disasters so he tries to get us when we’re down and distracted and confuse us even more. NOPE not falling for it, Trusting in God alone and the Church who will be here when Jesus comes again.


I have some thoughts here:

So to play devils advocate perhaps I think one main question has to do with whether or not the pope still holds to the Church teaching that homosexuality is a disorder. If so, then granting legal status, not matrimony, to these unions so that people can have rights that other couples have could be viewed as an act of love? If we denied rights on the basis of sin would any of us have rights? No answers here, just questions.

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I just said some extra prayers for the Pope and continued on with what I was doing.

The media here in USA has already forgotten about it and resumed their usual course of 1000 Trump/ election stories a day.

I should take a break from the forum now as I have a bunch of novena prayers to pray for the pre-election novena that Fr. Heilman is leading.


No I haven’t felt frustrated in the least. I just get on with my life.

As we say in the UK, today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping . In other words it will all blow over so why let it disturb one’s peace?

It didn’t even make the main headlines in some news outlets. It’s hardly earth shattering. I’d guess most people think, ’ Good idea’ if they think anything at all.

So in answer to your question OP just keep on carrying on. What else can we do, anyway?


I’m upset by it. My non practicing Catholic family members have heard the story and talked to me about it. “If the Pope says homosexual civil unions are okay, why not accept my ‘irregular marriage status’ ?” I generally like to defend the faith but I don’t feel equipped to defend it against the Pope. I’m upset and tired of all of the confusing statements.


But he is talking about two different things. A civil union is not a marriage.

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@paperwight Yes that’s true. My relative is poorly catechized in my opinion. But as Catholics we shouldn’t support a sexual relationship between two men or two women whether it is legally recognized or not. And the confusing statements by the Pope are misleading all Catholics, whether they are well catechized or not.

I’m not so sure about that .Everybody I know (especially among those of my children’s generation) sees nothing wrong with civil unions, and most know of loving and faithful same sex couples. What they get up to in the bedroom is none of our business. Ubi caritas Deus ibi est.

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What’s wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong. What’s right is right even if nobody is right.

Reading your comment is disheartening to me and makes me feel even more alienated from the faith than I did yesterday having to defend it to my relative.


I’m sorry you feel disheartened and alienated. That wasn’t my intention.

It certainly sounds like you had a bruising encounter with your relative, and that must have been very upsetting.

I hope you feel more philosophical tomorrow. We can’t change what we can’t change.

Or as we trads say, today’s Fishwrap is tomorrow’s fishwap.


Nope. Not for me.

Ignoring the nonsense.

There is nothing to “persevere through”.


Except the confusion and upset of a subset of Catholics.

Even though you, and I, are not in that subset, we’re still affected by it because we’re likely to come into contact with these people, if not on this forum then among our families, friends, and fellow parishioners.

I find it necessary to pray for patience and pray to not get frustrated at people who from where I sit seem to make mountains out of ever mole hill.

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