What are you cooking for Easter?

Help! I need some new recipes.
what will you be cooking for Easter dinner? wondering if I should cook the triditional ham dinner or something totally different.:doh2:
any suggestions would be welcomed!
thanks and have a very blessed Easter!:slight_smile:

62 years old, crotchety old bachelor with an assortment of bad habits is too lazy to cook on his own. Our local Alano club is having a free Sunday Dinner for all who come. Plus Easter Bunnies and toys for the kids. Some are bringing potluck dishes and some just donate money. In my case, $100, which is cheap for 23 years of sobriety.

I’m cooking a crown roast of pork with sausage-pesto stuffing. Yummy!

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Waikiki pork chops (chops baked on a bed of pasta shells, crushed pineapple, and curry onion sauce), a green veggie yet to be determined, and for dessert, banana split cake.


the last time I tried to get fancy with Easter dinner was when kids were small, first time in-laws came to our house for the holiday. I cooked roast duckling with orange sauce, wild rice stuffing, and asparagus. Everybody hated it and how was I to know a duck has so much fat it cooks down and serves half the people the same size chicken would serve. Never break from tradition for holiday meals is now my motto. Ham, baked sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes with cheese, tiny green peas with pearl onions in cream sauce, devilled eggs (got to start using up all those EAster eggs) and lamb cake. I am actually not going to cook anything this year since we will be alone, no kids, no in-laws, no relatives, just peace and quiet, and lean cuisine.

Going to my dad’s house, so am at the mercy of my step-mother’s cooking. Probably the same thing we always have - turkey. :rolleyes:

Oh well - I’m only there for him anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.


Goose is even worse. Lots of fat and ALL dark meat. But sooo delicious. I do order roast duck from my local Chinese restaurant.

DH’s family is Italian, so we’ll have an Italian feast at his cousin’s house. The best thing there will be the Pizza Rustica - a meat and cheese pie with a top and bottom crust - kind of like a firmer than usual quiche with lots of Italian meats in it. It’s served warm or at room temp with a bit of red sauce on it. I like it with my homemade cole slaw, so I’ll be bringing that to the feast. Who knows what else we’ll have, and, frankly, who cares!

Some of the relatives (may they rest in peace) used to speak a kind of fractured Italian, and they had some really odd names for the foods. This was pronounced like “Pete’s Caroost.” They mixed the syllables up a little bit. So when I make it, I poke a little fun and say I’m making a “caroost.” And it was not to be John’s or Paul’s or George’s or Ringo’s caroost, but PETE’S! Another thing was what they called eggplant parmigiana. The real Italian word for eggplant is “melanzane.” Their fractured Italian sounded like “mole-en-john.” I always wanted it spelled, because for a long time, I thought it was a legitimate word. They never spelled it. :wink:


My wife is Byzantine. Her big thing is Pascha ( a braided sweet bread with cross). That bread will put meat on your bones. Ham , cheeseball which is really an egg mixture wraped tightly in a cheesecloth to harden and whatever else she decides to cook up. At her old church, they would put everything in a wicker basket and have the Priest bless it Easter morning with procession, but thats not done at our parish. She misses that. Tim

This thread is making me very hungry! Can I visit all of you on Easter?

If I get the chance to cook for my folks’ brunch, as I hope to, I’ll probably make my grandmother’s potato salad (red new potatoes, lots of chopped shallots and parsley, olive oil and vinegar) and blueberry bread pudding with lemon cream. Not sure what else we’ll be having, probably omelettes, roasted vegetables or maybe baba ghanooj and suchlike. There’ll probably be a huge tray of sushi too, yay! :smiley:

Hm though, considering how the weather’s shaping up (brr!), maybe I should make something hot…

I’m cooking a baked ham with a brown sugar glaze, and a rasin sauce. Mashed potatoes, various vegetables and my daughter is baking pies.


Even if it isn’t 60 or 70 degrees on Easter, it’s just too warm for us to do the hot ham thing (we do that at Christmas). So, we’re skipping the hot dinner and going right to the “left over” ham sandwiches- ham, swiss cheese, lettuce on fresh rye bread. Um, um!!

If it’s warm enough, we’ll take a picnic lunch to Long Beach Island (NJ).


Gluten free ham ( I have Celiac)
potato salad
deviled eggs ( I have to do something will all those eggs)
mac and cheese (for my son, since he doesn’t like potato salad)
green beans
and broccoli


Oooooo!!! I do love goose! We made one for Christmas and it was totally amazing!!!


What is on top in the freezer :stuck_out_tongue:

Lamb cake? Please elaborate. Recipe maybe?

At our house we have Polish sausage also known as kielbasa, Sczan, which is horseradish made with beets, Zurek which is a Polish Easter soup started mid-week by fermenting in a crock rye bread, water and oatmeal for several days, then straining all of it for the soup base and then add the water the sausage was cooked in to the mixture. We also add, some dried mushrooms and stir as we cook it. After it is simmered for an hour or more, we ladle it into bowls, cut up a hard boil egg, add some chopped up sausage, cooked ham and if desired, our horseradish…I can taste it now. Yum! Add a slice of homemade rye bread. The best!

Of course, it isn’t complete without lamb cake with cream cheese frosting!

On Holy Saturday, the bishop will be visiting our parish to bless our Easter baskets. The church smells heavenly!
Happy Easter everyone!

We usually have all of our family over to our house on Easter (I guess 3 years makes a tradition, huh?)…

Last year the meal turned out great, so I think we’ll do the same thing again…

Cracked Pepper Roasted Pork Loin…
Olive oil, garlic, and rosemary potatoes in the oven…
Fresh steamed asparagus…

YUMMM… I’m startin’ to get hungry already!

They look like this: chefdepot.net/graphics24/lambcake3.jpg


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