What are you doing for Jesus on his birthday?

Happy Advent All,

I was just wondering, what are you all doing for Jesus on his birthday? So many forget that Christmas is for us and HIM.

I look forward to your replies.

Early Monday mornings, 3-5am are one of my Adoration times… I am thinking that I will extend… perhaps an hour each way… same for Jan 1… it is so peaceful… usually there is no one else there at that time… just the two of us.

As a shift worker who doesn’t get home until after midnight, that will depend on what time I wake up. I’d like to get to a morning mass, of course. Then my regular AA meeting at noon.

After that, the AA club is set up for our annual Christmas dinner and and Children’s hour. The dinner is free for all who show up. Some of the members went out and bought stuff, others cooked it up. Lazy slobs like me just donate money. :rolleyes:

After the dinner, Santa comes and gives toys to all the kids. This lazy slob also donated money for that. I’ll spend the evening at home with the cats, praying as allowed. Remember the story as to why tabby cats have the “M” on their foreheads

***I AM TRYING TO BE MORE LIKE JESUS EVERY DAY!!! ***Without Him, I am NOTHING.:thumbsup:

Nativity is not a birthday. I don’t think Jesus was literally born on Dec 25th, thus christmas day is not Jesus birthday.

I was in this christmas party with non catholic christians. The singing leader suddenly decided that we sing “happy birthday” for baby Jesus. It was quite funny. Everybody sang “happy birthday” but we felt “something is wrong here somewhere”. Later I thought about it, I realized that happy birthday song was out of context, because christmas day is not Jesus birthday.

Anyway, I have not done anything for christmas. Not even put up a christmas tree. Last year I put up christmas tree in mid November, and took it down after newyear. I’ve just moved house and my house now is still in a mess. I still hope I will be able to put it up one or two days before 25th.

I will attend Christmas Mass with my parents at their church. I always go to their church for Christmas. Then we meet back at my parents’ house, say some prayers of blessing each other, then exchange Christmas gifts. We save an empty seat at the table for Jesus when we eat dinner late at night after church, and we ask Him to bless us in the coming year.

And I always send out Christmas cards that I buy from a Christian store that have Bible verses on them. No “happy holiday” for me. The cards I send to my family and friends ALWAYS tell Who the holiday is really about!

Ummm … apart from going to Mass and celebrating with family and friends, I’m involved in a project with the church where we send Christmas cards to people who live alone … seemed like the least I could do.

And did I do my math correctly that one poster is doing 4 HOURS of Adoration? Man, hope they have comfortable seats in there for ya!)

Going to Christmas eve mass, then we are going to party all day long… family get togethers, good food, great company, and gift exchanges… I just love Christmas time !!!

I just love watching the little kids opening up their presents because afterwards we usually get to try them out also.

I admire folks who volunteer but I do that all year long. Christmas is when I kick back and enjoy.

:whacky: Ok, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. What do you call the celebration of the birth of anyone else? A birthday. What do orphans who have no official record of their true historical birthday do? They pick one and celebrate on that day. How is it different for Jesus? How is the celebration of His birth all of a sudden not the “birthday” of Jesus? What exactly ARE you celebrating, then??? :slight_smile: I don’t know what you celebrate on Christmas, but I celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is commonly called a “birthday” in the English language.

I usually bake a birthday cake for Baby Jesus and we do sing Happy Birthday to Him. But this year we’ll have to play it by ear since our second child is due the day after Christmas :slight_smile: I’m just trying to make sure our preparations for the new baby don’t overshadow Advent and Christmas. I’m also reading Venerable Mary of Agreda’s “Mystical City of God” and plan to have everything up until the birth of Jesus read during Advent (only 60 pages to go :thumbsup: ), and then I can read the account of the actual birth on Christmas and during the Christmas season.

We do the same thing…:smiley:


Extra prayers

Christmas novena

advent wreath w/family prayer

mass on Christmas

donate to charities

help out needy families

and just trying to do the Christian thing

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