What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


For the past 2 years my fiance and I have gone to his cousin’s house for dinner, but this year he decided that we’re not going (which is fine with me) because he’s tired of the traditional thanksgiving food and wants to do something different. Has anyone done something non-traditional for Thanksgiving? This can include taking a day trip somewhere, working at a soup kitchen, cooking a non-traditional meal…throw out any ideas if you have any…:slight_smile:


I worked for the Bread Ministry on Thanksgiving, day before and the day of, boxing up and delivering food to those in need. I got to my brother’s house in time for family fun and pumpkin pie. It was a fabulous two days.


we have worked in a soup kitchen for Turkey day, we have had lamb and seafood also instead of turkey and other traditional things.


I’m going to hospice where I volunteer and taking two desserts. Volunteers are serving dinner for staff and families of patients. We’ll have turkey and dressing, ham, many vegetables, salads and lots of dessert. After helping clean up, I’ll be having cornish hens and trimmings with my husband. Kids live too far away to come, but most of them will be here for Christmas. Happy turkey day to all. We have much to be thankful for.


I actually work with a homeless ministry in my church year round, so unless they are in my church for the holiday I spend thanksgiving with my husband’s family. We always do the traditional thing. I actually like it. But, for Christmas, we threw out traditional food. My husband and I took over Christmas several years ago and decided each year we would have a different food theme. We have done picnic foods, steak,mexican(we didnt like that one)chicken and seafood. My husband’s family got sick of the same old. We discuss what to have for christmas at thanksgiving as a family, so all agree with the menu selection.

With that said, this thanksgiving I think we are going to Delaware and the homeless ministry will be at my church this Christmas so we will not be doing Christmas at our house this year.


Gee - when I first saw the topic of your post, I thought it was an invitation!
(Just kidding, of course!)
Whatever you end up doing, have a happy one!


:rotfl: :smiley:


I have to work. But that’s ok. Then I have off Christmas :smiley:


For the last couple of years, I eat Thanksgiving at the local clubhouse where AA meetings are held. On Thanksgiving and Christmas we put on a free dinner for all who want to attend. My main contribution is money for the food.

It will be the traditional Turkeys and hams and the traditional side dishes and desserts. For some, it might be the first such real dinner they have had in a some time

Most of those attending will be AA members and family with nowhere else to go. Plus some homeless and others who know about the dinners.

One thing we don’t worry about are still-drinking alcoholics and still-using druggies. They avoid our club. Perhaps they fear being contaminated by the 12 steps?:eek:


This year, we have decided that after Mass, our extended family is going to a local theme restaurant. Each adult is going to pay his or her own way, and for any of their underage children involved. This particular place allows orders from the menu on Thanksgiving, but also makes a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that includes leftovers. They give you a container as a matter of course.

My husband’s extended family is in California has “traditional” Italian and Sicillian food for Christmas. It cost a bunch to get us out there. We’re hoping to make it this year, but who knows?

We have never had a “traditional” Christmas here. Our tradition here was started by my grandmother, who hated to cook and had sobriety issues. When my mother was growing up, my grandparents lived in a cross Scandinavian and German neighborhood. One Christmas where she was functional but in no mood to cook, she stopped in the local deli on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and procured swedish meatballs, ham, german and swedish potato salad, pickles, etc. (No lutefisk. She was Irish and English and not willing to go that far). She then walked to the local bakery, where she picked up some limpa, dark rye, some sand tarts, peporkaka, and dainty cookies. We’ve been doing it ever since.


most of the years we lived in Cleveland kids and I helped serve dinner first to the residents of Salvation Army shelter, then to the neighbors, and in the afternoon stayed to play cards and board games, jigsaw puzzles etc. with the residents. DH is always watching football and didn’t notice us leave or come back. the couple of times we did go spend the weekend with his relatives someone always had a heart attack or stroke (literally). because holidays are very emotional events with his family. My bros. and sisters always went to their own in-laws and my mom went with one of them, so there was no reason to go to my own family. since moving here we spend the weekend in San Antonio for the Lighting of the River Walk and boat parade.


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