What are you doing for V-day


Hello all at CAF, sooo what are you doing for Valentines day? :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’m probly just going to buy my girlfriend some flowers and candies with the cleche’ middle…and then go watch hannible rising with 2 other couples.

Yes I know not exactly the most romantic movie but oh well it was her idea.


I am doing nothing and sitting alone at home.

Thank you for reminding me.


No, actually I don’t mind (much sob), but I don’t have a girlfriend.


I’m sorry pats back i’ve been through the same thing. It sucks alot


They’ll probably be performing the “Vagina Monologues” here at Notre Dame again.


Vagina monologues??


It is a radical feminist play about rape.


On V-Day, I’m going to school, then spending the rest of the day at home alone. Probably playing Kirby…

Two days later, I’ll be doing a skit with the rest of the juniors on the Valentine Court, then hoping to be picked as king. (I don’t think it’s likely.) I will proceed to go to the Valentine Dance alone, since I’m just cool like that. :rolleyes: I’m not thinking about it all that much, too stressed about going to ask my parish priest at least 6 questions about the Catholic faith today or tomorrow.

I am actually excited for reasons involving Valentine’s Day, even if it isn’t n V-Day, hasn’t happened since elementary school.


Oooooh feminist scare me…Anyways back to the orginal subject




Thanks for the link. Even more offensive than I thought.


I usually do something cheesy and something spiritual. This year, on the cheesy side, I wrote my girfriend a romantic sonnet.

On the spiritual side, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate have some great St. Valentine’s Day spiritual bouquets they use to help raise funds (they’re a great organization). Last year, I made a donation in my girlfriend’s name and they lit a candle for her in the church in Rome where St. Valentine’s relics are. This year I did the same thing, but I upped the ante (we were just starting out at this time last year) and got through them a Mass offered for her at St. Mary Major in Rome. She gets sent a nice Valentine’s Day card from them explaing what they are doing. :thumbsup:


I usually don’t do anything. V-Day is always a bad day for singles.

This year though, I may go with my sister to the accident spot where my 17 year old niece was killed in October. She was born on Valentine’s Day and would be 18 this year.


Same here. I will celebrate the day by buying half-price chocolates on the 15th. :o


It’s no picnic for married men either. We are under tremendous pressure to get just the right gift, wrapped perfectly and delivered at just the right time to her office so that her co-workers can ooh and ahh. The TV commercials make it seem like if you don’t buy a diamond or a BMW every V-day, you’re some kind of loser.

The only days I enjoy less are my wedding anniversary and Christmas. Bah! Humbug!

Why can’t we just be good and kind to one another every day and not create these unrealistic expectations on “special days”?



Oh, we can, we simply have to refuse to allow the media to dictate our actions or set the criteria for our relationships with each other. Buck the trend! Do something meaningful to the two of you rather than what Madison Avenue or Hollywood tell you is meaningful. Celebrate whenever or however you choose.

I asked my husband if he felt pressured about these and he laughed and said “no, why should I?” We have both forgotten our wedding anniversary one year, and, when we do celebrate it, it has become traditional to get Thai takeout and watch anime at home.

Another example of media fueled hype is the engagement ring. The idea that if one doesn’t spend at minimum two months’ salary on a diamond ring, then one is not sincere is ludicrous—this comes from an advertising campaign in the 1930’s to promote the sale of diamonds.

We had a friend who bought his then fiancee an engagement ring and she told him to take it back and get a bigger one. Needless to say (one hopes) he is married to someone else.


My husband and I are going to spend a romantic evening of togetherness renovating the upstairs bathroom. :slight_smile:

I’m serious! That’s what we enjoy doing after 26 years of marriage! LOL!!


All I want is chocolate, chocolate truffles would be a plus. I don’t care about diamonds or BMWs. I just want CHOCOLATE. The more the better. If my hubby could make me a liquid chocolate bath, I would be in heaven.

One year he came home and asked me if I still wanted the same old same old for Valentine. He had overheard several women discussing how boring this was. I informed him very sternly that he was not to listen to those women. This girl wants CHOCOLATE!:thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way what does your wife give you in return for a diamond and a BMW? I hope that she is not one of those women who like to be romanced but don’t do any romancing in return.

In past years, I made my hubby a special meal and a heart shaped cake. I’ve also sent roses to his office. He deserves to be romanced as much as I do.:thumbsup:

He just left for Afghanistan today, No Valentine for me.:frowning: :crying:


I’ve never understood this myself. At the beginning of a marriage why put yourself in debt over a silly ring? The cost of the ring has no bearing on the success of the marriage. Besides why not have something different then everyone else, like a opal instead of a diamond?


:slight_smile: I’m buying my dh a cat he has wanted one for a long time and we have made a bargain. I love him and we will have 39 yrs. in Feb but not the 14th couldn’t get the blood test done in time. the 26th Have a great V- D reborn and all! :thumbsup:
may the :angel1: :angel1: :blessyou: with :heart: and :gopray: dessert


Or into mountains of debt for the wedding itself—I read recently that the average cost of a wedding in America has skyrocketed, between almost $19K moneycentral.msn.com/content/CollegeandFamily/Loveandmoney/P37097.asp to close to $30K money.cnn.com/2005/05/20/pf/weddings/ which is absolutely insane. It’s one day–an important day, but one day.

Again, this is media driven and fueled by the bridal industry and a consumerist culture where the more one spends on something the more it is considered intrinsically worthy. Bunch of bunk, IMO.

I say go for what one likes and wants, something that has meaning. I do have a diamond, but only because the setting was my husband’s great-grandmother’s engagement ring (no stone) and I had inherited my great-great aunt’s engagement ring (unattractive setting). We had the stone put in the setting and a band made to match–grand total $60 and no way could any ring mean more to me.

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