What are you doing for your spouse / BF / GF on St Valentines Day?


Hello all,

I am wondering what you are doing for your spouse / BF / GF on St. Valentines day? When my wife awoke this morning, there was coffee made, a dozen roses, chocolates, and chocolate syrup in her coffee cup. Tonight I will be cooking her favorite dinner; she is taking care of my favorite dessert. I also have a nice gift and card that I can not wait to give to her. (I want to be there when she opens them)

What are all you doing for your better halves?


DH is volunteering all night tonight to answer calls when The One True Faith show (see my sig) airs in Fresno. So I will take him dinner at the studio and we will have a nice dinner there tonight. We are going out to a very very nice dinner next week on an extremely generous gift card we received as a wedding gift but have not been able to use yet.

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We won’t do gifts or anything like that, we are just happy to be together. We did send some silly ecards to each other today, and his to me was very sweet.



DH is getting a slow cooker chicken dinner and home made peach cobbler for dessert.

The only thing I want is for him to come home safely during this snow storm. (sigh) still hasn’t let up.


We don’t really “do” the hallmark holidays.


I wrote her an original poem describing moments we’ve shared together.


We’re not celebrating tonight because we have birthing class to go to.

However, sometime down the road we will make a big lasagna (DH’s family does this every year for Vday) and have a candlelight dinner and I am in the process of making him and me dessert lap trays…I bought mini-dinner trays from Hobby Lobby and have painted them and am putting pictures and favorite words/phrases of ours and putting a glaze on it - serving hot chocolate in pretty mugs with some kind of dessert (still in the planning stages of this one) for us to eat after dinner :).

This morning, we woke up for work (at an insane early hour as usual) and DH rolled over and said, “Good morning sweetie! Happy Valentine’s Day!” and gave me a kiss. That’s all I need on this holiday :slight_smile: and every day! :smiley:


Your wife sounds like my kind of person :smiley:

The anniversary of the day my husband and I met was Monday (2/12), so we celebrate that instead. Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal for us since we have our own version two days early (and the restaurants aren’t generally packed on that day ;)).


Lasagna is my husbands fave, so it’s my gift to him on his birthday and St. Valentine’s day. I’m in the process right now. I only make it two or three times a year, cuz I don’t cut any corners!

My husband is not one for celebrating any holiday because he doesn’t like to be told what to do… This morning before he left for work though, he came in to give me my kiss and said, “Happy Valentines day Sweetie” and gave me an extra nuzzle.

Funny how alike we are lotusblossom!


We’re snowed in at the moment. We’ve been winging it.

It was four years ago today that we got engaged!


We’re snowed in too but I got my husband this past weekend a very nice selection of various Belgian and German beers…




I was thinking of buying her a new vacuum, a snow shovel, and a $20.00 gift certificate to go to the movies with her friend. Oh yeah, and a membership to Weight Watchers.

Just joking!

I’m gonna make her an Italian dinner, and I’ve got a box of her favorite chocolates, a card, and some roses. :thumbsup:


This morning I received a card and chocolate. I made him a lemon pie, and we will grill steaks for dinner, and have a nice bottle of wine. He’s my favorite. Oh, I gave him a homemade card too.



We just finished dinner, it was fantastic! (I picked up dinner from a local market (Westborn, if anyone is familiar) and it was as good if not better than going out) He’s still working, and I’m waiting for a call to see if I need to pick up a friend from the airport. Not a terrifically romantic St. Valentine’s Day, but it’s our first, so we are making the most of it.

I don’t care if it is a “Hallmark Holiday” - it’s a day to extra special to each other, and I will always take that opportunity if I can. We do special things for each other all the time, but I think it’s nice to make a point of it once in awhile. Nothing wrong with that!



My husband warned me he was going all out for Valentine’s day cheesiness this year–he tends to poke fun at the “hallmark holidays” but I vascillate between enjoying them and not caring much either way. Regardless, today I loved it! I woke up to small red satin hearts and pink rose petals leading out to the living room, where a big red teddy bear, a bouquet of chocolate roses and red slipper sandals were awaiting me. A basket of all my favorite spa products, too. Then, later the doorbell rang and it was a huge bouquet of fresh field tulips, the kind that are just on the cusp of blooming and you put them in the vase, feed them their water and food and voila, a few hours later some fresh and gorgeous flowers. Tulips are my favorite. He also gave me a sweet card. He’s a sweetpea. For him, I made him a homemade crafty card and ordered a cherry tart for dessert, his favorite.


We are snowed in too.

My husband hid heart “snowflakes” all over the house with special messages.

I wrote him a poem, that I entered a contest with, but since I didn’t win the contest I had to wait until today to give it to him!

Since we wont be going out today I decided to make a special dinner AFTER the monkeys go to bed:

Strip Steak
Bacon wrapped scallops
Baby potatoes
Baked Brie with carmel, cranberry, pecan sauce on top

I nice quiet dinner will do nicely! And buying the ingredients at the store is MUCH less expensive than going out.


I made a homemade card too! They are always so appreciated!

AND I got a lovely homemade card from my 5 yr. old which I will treasure forever!


so, you already celebrated?
maybe it’s like salvation, we have celebrated, we are celebrating, we are going to celebrate. Congratulations

DH is sick in bed with a bad cold so I went out to get him fruit, juice, puffs with lotion, soup etc. before I went to jury duty.


We shoveled, cursed the landlord, cursed the town plows, and then went upstairs and each took a 40 minute boiling hot shower and slapped Icy Hot all over each other. Then we cleaned up dog puke.

All in all. Very romantic :slight_smile:


LOL!! It’s those little moments we treasure in the long run though! :smiley:


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