What are you doing to avoid the virus?

Thanks and I hope you’re right. I’m afraid it will still be around and we are being extra careful. I doubt we let up any especially with a new life outside the womb. And if the virus is gone by August wont we just be awaiting a second wave of it :confused: I was alot more optimistic at the beginning of this thing.

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No one should waste an N95 mask by using it without a proper fit.

Think about a vacuum cleaner with a filter bag. If the bag gets a hole in it or there is a gap in the seal, how much of the flow of air goes through the bag instead of through the hole or gap?

If you are wearing a material that restricts aerosol droplets, it is resistant enough to the passage of air that air will not go through it unless there is no other less-restrictive route to go through. Likewise, if you are wearing an N95 mask but do not have it fitted properly, you will do most of your breathing around the mask, not through it. It will catch a good deal of your spit if you sneeze, but it will not be able to filter the air you inhale, because that air will be going around the mask.

Also, try not to handle the outside of the mask after you have exposed it to air that might be infected. The medical people I know who had to re-use masks would put them in an undisturbed place (like in a paper bag) outside their homes and then not touch them again for days, so that any virus trapped by the filter would be non-viable by the time they used the mask again. (Also: take care that you don’t assume that the only pathogen on the mask must be a virus. If you got mold or mildew or bacterial materials on it, obviously it would be a mistake to store it in a damp environment where mold, mildew or bacteria could grow).

Yes! It is also still very important when wearing masks to be just as vigilant about everything else as if you were not wearing a mask. Masks are to be used in addition to other means of hygiene, not in place of other means of hygiene.

One could picture it by thinking about using a mask for sanding. Imagine the sawdust you kick up is very irritating–breathing even a small amount could make you sick. This gives the idea about how carefully masks need to be handled and how the other aspects of hygiene still need to be followed. The best thing to do is to avoid being exposed to strangers at all, as much as possible.

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Another problem is the efficiency of the N95 masks. I’ve heard of people passing out because they are breathing in too much of their own carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

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Did you try Amazon? I saw a ton of them on there yesterday and ordered some disposable ones myself.

I operate an essential business. We take every reasonable precaution, yes for our protection, but more importantly, the protection of the customers. You’d be shocked at the lack of courtesy and common sense of the general public.

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Honestly, having been quarantined since beginning of March due to my fiance getting sick from what we suspect was COVID, in getting tired of this.

I’ve come to the realization that extreme attempts to slow the curve are just prolonging herd immunity. I earnestly believe that the reason for the lockdown had 3 reasons.

  1. Italy outbreak was horrible, mainly since China ensured the area got infected, and Italy Healthcare system already ducks. But we think it shouldn’t because its a developed country. Therefore, we started panicing that this disease could actually be a bioweapo of sorts.
  2. It’s election year. Democrats have no chance of winning with Biden. Everyone knows that. Lock everyone inside, force mail in voting, blame everything on orange man bad. Use mail in voting to commit widespread voter fraud, while actual voters might buy the rhetoric of orange man bad and blame him for the perpetual lockdown.
  3. Some politicians heard the horror stories being perpetuated by the above 2 narratives and tried to be prudent by shutting down economies.

I’ll continue to follow the flu season recommendations with following the orders of my Diocese.


thanks…will try! :mask:

As far as personal steps I’m taking. Masking in public, and then basically what my mom has said since I was a kid. “Keep up your nutrition, wash your hands, don’t pick your nose.”

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Then if you can get it wearing a mask…why wear a mask?

Avoiding other people - I think that’s the best thing to do. Staying inside as much as I can. If I see a pedestrian approaching on the sidewalk, I cross the street or walk in the street and leave the sidewalk for him or her. It’s become second nature at this point.

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Do what is mandate: stay at home, and try to be careful when we had to go outside…
And isolated our groceries for afew hours after coming back home (except the products that need to be refregirated).

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The more people who mask, the less the spread.

You said, “but never mind she could give it to someone who is wearing a mask.” which implies that even though you are wearing a mask, it is not effective. Therefore, if wearing a mask is not effective from getting the virus, then it makes no difference whether you wear a mask or not, because it will not stop you from getting the virus.

You may need to clarify what you said, because that is what it implies.

I was referring to my sister who has the attitude that she is not concerned about getting it, and in having that attitude, she is not considerate of others who she could give it to if she has the virus.

From what I understand, masking reduces the chance of spreading it to others, but it is not 100 percent effective, and it is not known how effective it is.

So much of the information we are getting is questionable as far as accuracy. The contagion probability chart, for example, is not necessarily accurate, and it is on the wall where I work as though it is correct information.

I went out today to try and ship stuff at the UPS store down the street. There was a line down the block so I turned around and decided to try again first thing in the morning. Went to the wine store and it was chill. I’m starting to be less afraid of going out here in Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful day and the sunshine was worth the fear. I’m still wearing a mask and being cautious but feeling way more at ease.

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That’s great! From what I have read, NYC is on the downside.

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