What are you doing to stop abortions?


Not abortion, but abortions.

If you really believe that an abortion is a murder, why aren’t you doing everything to stop a specific abortion? I suggest you either go stop an abortion that you know will happen tommorrow or stop your claims that it the same as murder or admit you are a coward.

Do you just let an innocent person be murdered? Or do you defend people?

Do you just care about what the government will do to you? Or do really care about the human you say will be murdered? Are you willing to go outside the government’s law?


What are you doing to stop abortions, Ammonius? What do you suggest we do? Physically restrain women going into abortion mills? Prevent the abortionist from going into the mill? Blow up the clinics?
I’m not being sarcastic here, but genuinely interested.
I do pregnancy crisis counselling, in which I work to get a woman to see that abortion is the deliberate killing of her unborn child and that if she does this, she will find herself in a hell of her own making; that there are ways through her situation.
The sad fact is that women have bought the lie of recreational sex; they have abandoned their traditional status of setting the moral tone of society and have lost touch with their deep biological identity as mothers. I believe women have to be challenged to think, act and dress chastely and to regard sex as sacred and themselves as potential or actual mothers who deserve the highest standards of self-respect and behaviour. When women behave, men will respect them and stop treating them as unpaid whores.


Why not, if you really think abortion is murder? Wouldn’t you physically stop someone going to murder another human?


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