What are you giving up for lent!

I am giving up EVERYTHING.

Drinking, gambling, junk eating, gossip, everything that separates me from Christ!!

I also learned something different this year.

Its not rather I fail or succeed its my time with Christ that counts!!

I am heading on the Jesus Train this year! And like Jesus when he fell on his way to the Cross I will probally fall too, but with his help I will get up and carry that Cross.

With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! May the grace of God enter all this lenten season!

Posting on these fora. No, wait, I mean, um posting without thinking on these fora.

That is great what you are doing for Lent; however, I suggest that you be kind to your neighbor and show charity.

If you give up what you purported, then, after Lent you go back to the same thing, what is the purpose?

Go to mass; stations of the cross ;confession; doing something kind for a person.

God bless you now

I had a thought sitting at Mass yesterday: Not what am I doing for Lent, but what is God doing for me this Lent. Maybe I should pay more attention to what God is doing all around me and within me, my family, my work, my community, my friends and strangers, my neighbors… Then, I might hear an invitation to respond in some way. Not something I decide to do but something God calls me to do.

I am giving up being critical of others. I noticed this a while back about myself and I don’t like it. I am using this time of Lent to really focus on seeing God in others. I am also trying to give up my own self-will and try harder to do God’s will. Hopefully these will be habits I can carry beyond Lent.


I like the position of what is one giving for Lent and remember the dime coin folders for Lent that we contributed to as children, as least in Lutheran churches. Giving to the poor more than normal, having the less fortunate in for meals, praying for those who suffer are great Lenten observations.

I am inclined to think that you are taking on more penance than you can cope with. Why not start with two faults such as drinking and gambling? This is a good start for you. Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Do pray for strength through JMJ. I will pray for you.

I am giving up meat for all of lent.

As a Family we have shut down all Television, not tven the news for me:thumbsup: We also gave up all restaurant and fast food. No Eating out for all of lent. We spend to much money on this anyway!

As for myself no smoking(quit already so no bumming) WEd & Fri Fast on bread and water from supper on tues to supper on WEdnesday.

No snacks between meals.:eek:

Much the same as last year with the added no eating out!:thumbsup:


Yikes! Spiritual Triathalon!

I am abstaining from sugar/sweets - and am meeting a co-worker to go to adoration at lunchtime once a week. I am looking forward to a prayerful lunch hour and she’s happy for the companionship. My sons at home had furious councils about this, and as a group are giving up TV. I reminded them that that includes HULU on the computer!

I am not giving up anything. I am adding something. I am going to be doing some more scripture reading with my family.

I am not eating meat during Lent. I have done this for years, so it is not a difficult thing for me. I am adding reading the book of Jeremiah.
My pastor told me about a program called 40 Days of Blessings. People participating try to do one nice thing for someone else each day. I was in Harbor Freight and a woman gave me a 25% off coupon. I did not think to ask her if she was doing the 40 Days.:slight_smile:

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