What are you leaning in RCIA?

My dear homeward bound friends:thumbsup:

What are you learning in RCIA?

AND what is the most significant thing you have learned so far?

God Bless you


…subscribed. Looking forward to hearing about RCIA.

I say I’m doing RCIA but that’s actually incorrect because I’ve only just started and the next RCIA session is in January, however the priest has done some private classes with me and taught me the basics to try and get me up to speed with the rest of the group come January.

So far he went over the Trinity and the Nicene Creed, he’s talked a bit about some of the things Catholics do such as the sign of the cross and it’s all very basics, things I already knew really from doing my research here but I don’t mind.
Now I’ve attended my first mass I can ask him some questions about that.

Tbh, I have probably learned more ‘new’ stuff here over the years! But my sponsor has done a couple of catch up sessions with me when I couldn’t make it due to my brother being in hospital, and they were really helpful, and one of the priests is tremendously knowledgeable and shared all sorts of information about the history of my church in the post reformation age. One of the other priests is full of joy and encouraged me to pray in the orans (sp?) Position which has proved surprisingly helpful.

You should learn how to check a six word sentence to see if you spelled learning correctly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have learned a couple things:

1-Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or use levity. We were going over the Eucharist, watching a video, and the narrator was reading the words of Jesus from the last supper. One of the other students asked why so many other christian denominations forego the Eucharist. This led us down the path of Sola Scriptura and the differences between the protestant and Catholic bibles, and I remarked: “They thought they had a REALLY good editor, but it’s a bit slapdash.” Just trying to keep it light. Deacon leading the class had a laugh and we kept talking.

2-I read a lot, and listen to the ICC podcast, and the Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast, and I have fooled myself into thinking i know something, i know that i have very little actual knowledge, but i can still contribute to discussion! Sometimes I even have a salient point or two! (usually from information i have gleaned here or on those podcasts)

3-I learned that emotionally I, a 34 year old father of 2, am nowhere near ready for my baptism, confirmation, and first communion. For the following reasons.
a) this past week, I witnessed my first catholic baptism. A young couple had their daughter baptized. The ceremony and the blessings the priest gave were beautiful. All I could do was stare, and hope I was worthy when my time comes this Easter.
b) Every time myself and my son go up to the deacon during the Eucharist for a blessing, after he gives it i feel such a sense of peace, I could barely mumble “amen”. I want to receive so badly, I am overcome with TEARS and I DON’T CRY!

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