What are you listening to?

What are some of your favorite songs/podcasts to listen to?
My favorite podcast has to be The Catholic Talk Show!
I’ve also recently started listening to Christian rap and would like to hear some artist that you enjoy!
God bless you all!

Great Catholic Music.

I hate to be predictable, but the Carmel Cast podcast.


My podcast queue includes

Catholic Talk Show
Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World
…and by extension, most of SQPNs “Secrets of ___” series
Lanky Guys
Catholic Stuff You Should Know
Adventures in Imperfect Living
Catholic in a Small Town
The Catholic Underground
The Catholic Guy Show
Busted Halo
The Catholic Feminist (Yes, yes, the title is controversial. The host knows.)
The Journey Home
Catholic Answers Live/Focus (I usually listen to all of Focus but tend to cherrypick Live for specific hosts/topics due to the frequent posting)

And that’s just the Catholic-y ones…

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I have to admit that I occasionally listen to Gregorian chant on my way to work or church too haha

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I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan Podcast.

Today the children and i listened to
“Peter and the Wolf”.

WCRB Classical Radio Boston via their stream phone app, currently playing Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

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