What are you most thankful to God for?


I like these kind of questions because it only brings out the positive.
In my life, I am most thankful that I have kept my music hobby, that my family has their health and security, and that I have grown in the faith however tepid or wavering I may be, because this is the thing I don’t want to lose. But the list doesn’t end there, surely everyone has something to be grateful for.
What are you most grateful for?


For He Himself :slight_smile:


That He brought me back to His Church so I can praise Him and (with His grace) do His will. :slight_smile:


i am most thankful to God for Being. and for sending HIS SON JESUS to show us the way to Heaven and everlasting life. God IS actually LOVE. and i thank Him for guiding me to know this and for His love, patience and forgiveness.


I am most thankful that God didnt give up on me.
My beautiful son.


That He continues to love us despite our shortfalls.
That He will forgive our sins if we seek His forgiveness and graces
That He will listen to my prayers and songs, without fail and unconditionally
That I know He is at my side together with His beloved Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit at all times.


For the beautiful Church He left us
For my wonderful husband He brought to me



Faith-that I can pass on to my children and others.

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