What are you planning to give up for Lent?


I haven’t came up with something yet and was wondering from some of you what you have in mind. I also figured it could be an interesting conversation.


SODA. Apparently it’s terrible for you, and I drink too much of it anyway! :thumbsup: I’ve heard of people going more extreme though: my brother gave up all meat last year and it was a struggle, but he did it!


Buying online. eating out. Most sweets.

For m-f of Holy Week, I give up the internet completely.


I am going to do a modified fast throughout lent. I believe the Lord can help me the added weight that isn’t doing my body any favors. :o

I am also going to read an additional forty minutes each day from various spiritual sources and blogs.


I’m building weight & muscle and won’t be fasting outside of the obligatory days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m giving up white bread and meditating upon and memorizing a book of prayers that I was recently given.


All sweets AND junk foods.

Tell you why:
Several years ago when I was working the 11-7 shift, (Im an RN) I was eating my lunch at 3 am in my little medicine room. All my aids were on bed check so I was alone. I ate my sandwich and it was about 2 weeks into Lent and I hadnt given up anything. So I was about to open a Little Debbie snack cake. All of a sudden I heard this calm but very audible voice say “Can you not give this up for Me?” Im telling you I dropped that cake like a hot potato and said Im so sorry. Since then I have given up all sweets and junk food during Lent!!!





This may sound trivial to some, but I come from the NYC area and we use the “f” word as a noun, verb, adjective, and pronoun. It can be an entire sentence by itself as well.


I would tell you, but I do not want to risk spiritual pride, so I will remain silent. :slight_smile:


Chocolate. It will be hard. I’m a chocoholic.




Giving up all sugar and gluten, mostly the sugar is a big one because I don’t eat much gluten. Reading daily devotions from Divine Mercy. Adding a presanctified Liturgy weekly and the litany of humility and prayer of St Ephraim daily.


One of my best Lents was giving up reading any fiction. It forced me to read several non-fiction books that I had “meant” to read but kept setting aside, including some religious titles that really helped me.

This year - not sure. Thinking giving up online games would be my best choice.


My husband is giving up cursing. He says he enjoys it too much so it will be good for him. I would join him but I want to go along with his thinking. I want to give up something that I enjoy doing, and I don’t particularly enjoy cursing so I don’t think it would count. I’m struggling to think of something. lol


Computer usage (schoolwork excepted), sweets/sugar, trying to cut back on caffeine (very difficult :o). I’m also planning on going to daily Mass during Lent. Hopefully the habit sticks.


I’m going to try to give up reading on the Internet (which means no CAF :bighanky:) and replace that time with more spiritual reading and prayer. Also daily mass as often as I can.

Gonna be tough…but I need a good challenge. :knight2:


That’s funny:). I too have seen it used in all the above ways!


I went to daily Mass in 2008 for Mass. The habit DID stick. It can change you. I hope others are doing this for Lent.


Our priest talked about penance in his homily last week. He said that for those who want to give up things like cussing or using the Lord’s name in vain… Lent is a great time to work on these things, but in and of themselves these are not penance, because these are the things we shouldn’t be doing anyway. Penance would be something that we are allowed to have, such as Starbucks or eating out, but we freely choose to give up.


I don’t know what I’m giving up, and if I’m going to give up anything. I have started this short prayer, “Jesus King of love, I trust in Thy merciful goodness”, though I’m going to pray this daily even when Lent is over.

I need to work on trusting God more, even when I feel forlorn, hopeless, tired, not knowing what to do, directionless. I have read that some people are giving up CAF. I don’t think I could do that, since I derive much info and help from here. I hope to come out of this year’s Lent as a better person in all aspects, and healed from all that I need healing from.

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