What Are You?

Hi, I was talking to a friend of mine and she commented that, “Only people from Latin America are Catholic”. Then i said,“No i’ve seen many anglo, and african americans who are catholic”. So my question is, to prove a point to her, is what nationallity are you

I’m American. My father’s family came here many generations ago from Bavaria and Prussia (for the most part). My mother’s parents were 1st generation American’s from Italy and (we think) Russia (I say “we think” because my mother’s father NEVER spoke of where his mother emigrated from-- he only ever spoke his original family name 2 times that my mother and her siblings know–, and he NEVER spoke of his natural father-- who did not come to the US with his mother).

As an aside, since you got me thinking about family history-- my great-uncle on my father’s side is the Jesuit artist Francis Schroen. I just found this out recently. My mother always used to tell me I got my artistic talent from my father’s side of the family, and now I know why! If anyone has seen the artwork at Georgetown, Boston College, or Fordham University, you’ve seen Francis Schroen’s work. Awesome work! Of course, he was considered to be not quite sane, but what great artist isn’t considered to be so?

OK, that got way, way off topic. lol. In short, I guess you could say I am a good old-fashioned America mutt!

Have a great day!

My fathers family immigrated from Belfast Ireland 3 generations ago. My mothers family also came from Ireland, however it seems one of the women married a man (my great-great-grandfather) that was either Jewish or Cherokee, it has never been determined.
My paternal grandmother is a direct descendant of the McConkey, from McConkey’s ferry, which carried George Washington and troops across the Delaware.

Um, Hello! The Pope is POLISH! :bounce:

BTW, I am Polish too… :smiley:

Second generation Asian-American.

Hi i am from Malta

I put other because my nationality is “American”

American, of Spanish ancestry. Spain Spanish.


[quote=jienhu]Hi i am from Malta

Where exactly IS Malta? I got a call today at work from someone in Malta and I didn’t know where it was… (I can’t find my own front door without directions…)

[quote=mvinca]I put other because my nationality is “American”

well, you have to have come from somewhere.

my mom is Polish and my dad is Norwegian so I’m a mixed blessing :thumbsup:

I put “other” just to be cantakerous. My nationality is American and my ethnic background is Irish and German. My sons are Irish/German/Black. My extended family has Hispanic members, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish and Egyptian! We are the living rainbow coalition.

Mary1973 that is awesome!! :smiley:

I am proud to be a Catholic. I am proud to be an American, and thirdly, I was born and raised a New Yorker, who’s parents came to this great city from Puerto Rico in the early 1950’s and were married in the catholic Church in Brooklyn on December, 1959.:slight_smile:

I am of mixed ancestry, Polish, German, Irish as someone else said a “mutt”. Bothers me not at all. I would prefer to think of US citizens as just Americans (regardless of ancestry, ethnicity) but with the world as it is I am not sure we will ever get there. At least not in my life time. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=RomanRyan1088]well, you have to have come from somewhere.

I come from San Diego. Born and raised.

If you are asking nationality then yes, I’ll agree with a few others and say I’m american. However where my parents come from is a matter of ethnicity.
And I ain’t tellin! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m 100% of Norwegian ancestry. I was born and raised in Norway. Two years ago I moved to Canada and love it here.

My fiance is Native-Canadian and he’s a Catholic too.:smiley:

TEXANS --:wink: My husband and I are both of Czech, German descent.

[quote=Maggie]Where exactly IS Malta? I got a call today at work from someone in Malta and I didn’t know where it was… (I can’t find my own front door without directions…)

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, I believe basically between Italy and Libya.

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