What are your favorite Catholic podcasts?


Recently I was introduced to Castbox and there are so many Catholic podcasts all in one place (there are podcasts of all interests)


Among the lilies, pints with Aquinas, the catholic feminist (nothing heretical), fr mike schmitz’ homilies (can’t remember the name)…more others but i can’t remember them right now


I second this very much!! It’s fantastic


I regularly listen to Father Roderick’s show (https://www.trideo.com/our-shows/) I’ve been listening to him for over ten years now, back in the days of “Catholic Insider” and “The Daily Breakfast”


Love Fr Mike Schmitz! I also listen to the Counsel of Trent and Catholic Stuff you should know.


Some that come to mind…

Charles Coulombe Catholic History podcasts.
Clumsy Theosis
Fr. Longenecker History of the Catholic Church podcasts
Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam
Taylor Marshall’s podcast


Three Dogs North.

  1. Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders
  2. Scripture and Tradition with Fr/ Mitch Pacwa


I really haven’t got into Fr, Mitch’s series on Scripture and Tradition. I’m put off because he uses the program to pitch his book of the same name or same subject.

I think EWTN should be the other way around. For their various series, there should be a PDF file on their website to use for taking notes or presenting material. There’s a financial motive behind a lot of EWTN content. I think there should be some giveaways, too. They know how to do that – there’s a document library.


Oh, but the non-book content is superb. The man is a walking encyclopedia, and a polyglot besides.

But,think if this: if he was non-denom, he would be asking you to bequeath stocks, bonds and real estate to him for the Lord’s blessing and to pay for his new Lear Jet. Count your blessings - you don’t even have to buy the book!


Liturgy Guys by the Liturgical Institute at University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, IL.


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