What are your favorite New Testament Apocrypha books?

Even though not the word of God I always found these writings interesting, and many early Christian’s did as well. Some were even considered scripture in the early church.
I always like the Apocalypse of Peter and the later Apocalypse of Paul, and also the Shepherd of Hermas. I enjoy the Acts of Peter and the Acts of Paul mainly the part of Paul and Thecla.
The Didache is also a beautiful read.

I do not believe the Didache or The Shepherd of Hermas are Apocrypha. They are Apostolic Fathers writings. They are not Gnostic or Gnostic-related.

There is a reason why they are not part of the Bible.

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Not all new testament apocrypha is gnostic.

Yes basically because after so many heresies plagued the church it was decided that there needed to be a orthodox set of books. But many church fathers did quote from books not in the new Testament.

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