What are your favorite Protestant hymns?

What are your favorite Protestant hymns, that even I as Catholic you still treasure? A poster mentioned How Firm a Foundation and I started humming my way throught the old hymnals. One of my all time favorites is It is Well With My Soul.

Well, you already know I like “How Firm a Foundation”…

Um, I like “Fill My Cup, Lord”, however, pnewton, if you read over on the the music leader thread, you’d understand why I will never think of the title the same way again. :smiley:

Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art
Power in the Blood
Jesus is Coming Again
All That Thrills My Soul
In the Garden
Now I’m Coming Home/I’m Tired of Sinning, and Straying, Lord

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
How Great Thou Art
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Now Thank We All Our God
O God, Our Help in Ages Past
Praise To The Lord, The Almighty

At least, I think these are Protestant!

One of my favorites ought to be in Catholic hymnals: “Trust and Obey.” Other good ones include “Children of the Heavenly Father,” “How Great Thou Art,” and “Now Let Us From this Table Rise” (a Swiss hymn translated in English).

I like quite a number of songs in the Episcopal Hymnal 1982, including “Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart” (tune - Vineyard Haven), “Breathe On Me, Breath of God” (tune - Nova Vita), “God the Omnipotent” (formerly “All-Terrible,” tune - God Save the Tsar). and anything which uses the hymn tune Blaenhafren. There are also some unusually-Catholic-sounding songs from the Christian Apostolic hymnal (translated from German).

Although the lyrics of Mormon hymns are often not compatible with Christian theology, certain LDS hymns have beautiful melodies, such as “High On A Mountaintop,” “Come, Come Ye Saints,” “I Will Go Where You Want Me to Go,” “He Lives,” “Now Let Us Rejoice,” and “More Holiness Give Me.”

I wish that publishers did not feel the need to purge hymns of the “thees and thous,” because these terms indicate the second-person familiar, emphasizing our intimate relationship with God as Father.

MIghty Fortress is Our God.

I don’t know any Protestant hymns, I only know Christian hymns.

They’re sung often at Protestant worship services. And we sing them at Mass all the time.

I’ve always like And Can It Be?

Ein fester Berg ist unser Gott. Very powerful, especially when backed by an enormous pipe organ. :thumbsup:


Amazing Grace is one of my favorites, especially on the pipes.

Although since it is sung in many Catholic parishes, doesn’t that make it a Christian hymn, not specifically “Protestant”?


Just kidding. :wink: Every thread that starts that argument eventually gets nasty and justifiably closed. Let’s not go there.

I love “A Might Fortress”, however, I have read on here that some people consider it the “Battle Hymn of the Reformation”. I was reading that’s it not necessarily appropriate to be sung at Mass. I don’t see anything wrong with it though. :shrug:

As one who grew up in the Lutheran Church, I agree. And yes, a mighty pipe organ is required. :thumbsup:

There’s one in every crowd. :shrug:

Mine is:

“How great Thou art” as a curiosa i must say that this song was acctually written here in my lovely country of Sweden back in 1885


I like the old gospel songs, such as Wade in the Water, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, Go Tell it on the Mountain, Ezekiel Saw the Wheels A Rollin’, Dem Bones, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. I don’t know if they are considered hymns but they sure are fun to listen to.

Too many to mention! I have a couple of CDs of Southern Gospel hymns, that is as much a style of singing as content for those who may not know. I also am an ardent bluegrass fan and that genre is loaded with religiously related lyrics, one of my all time favorites for the benefit of our Southern friends is the Wreck on the Highway, a couple of verses:

I didn’t hear nobody pray, dear brother
I didn’t hear nobody pray
I heard the crash on the highway
But, I didn’t hear nobody pray.

Their soul has been called by the Master
They died in a crash on the way
And I heard the groans of the dying
But, I didn’t hear nobody pray.

I once heard E. Power Biggs’ version once. Whoh.

What a great name for a musician who plays such a powerful instrument.

Be Thou My Vision is a very beautiful hymn–sung in the Episcopal Church, 1982 Hymnal. Bringing in the Sheaves is a classic old fashioned Protestant hymn. Abide with Me was sung at both my grandmother’s and my mom’s funerals–both were Catholic, but the hymn definitely has Protestant roots. And then there’s Shall We Gather at the River–which my mother forbade me from singing at her funeral! She said that was too fundamentalist Protestant for her. :blush:

How great thou art was sung at mass last week. Love that one. And…

Just a closer walk with thee
Eternal father, strong to save
Nearer my god to thee
Just as I am

Grew up baptist and we did have great music. I’m sure there are tons I’m forgetting.

One what? Protestant, or Christian? Or did I misunderstand you? Thanks for any help.

That’s been my fabvorite hymn for years. I’ve been moved to tears by it several times. There’s nothing like hearing a chorus sing it accompanied by a pipe organ. Absolutely beautiful. I doubt I’ll ever hear it sung in mass considering who wrote it, but I don’t think there’s anything in the lyrics that is at odds with Catholic teaching.

There are many hymns that my old presbyterian and baptist churches used to sing that I have seen in the hymnal at my Catholic church. It’s kind of hard to tell which are Catholic and which are Protestant at this point!

Actually, I heard it at mass a few months ago. However, I noticed that some of the words had been changed. I can’t think of what would have been so objectionable about the original version.

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