What are your favourite Catholic TV Programs?


I only really watch one at that is Web of Faith on EWTN.

What about you?


What exactly do you mean by a Catholic TV program?

If a drama or comedy has a Catholic plot does that count? Are the Flying Nun and Hell Town considered Catholic TV programs? How about talk shows with priests as the host?


I prefer the programming on Catholic TV and NewmanConnection to EWTN.

Also like old Fulton Sheen programs!


Journey Home. :+1::+1:


Journey Home :slight_smile:


Good links!


I like Battle Ready, The Long Ride Home, Life is Worth Living, Called to Communion, and Catholic Answers Live. All are on EWTN.


Going My Way ! Friday at 5 pm ! Never miss it.
Interviews with Priests - and fun sing alongs - after !


I like Web of Faith too, but my favorite has to be Mother Angelica Live Classics. She’s just awesome!


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