What Are Your Favourite Catholic Websites And Why?

What are your favourite catholic websites and why?

My favourite are the two links in my signature because i find them inspiring to read and they fit in to my prayer devotions

Most of what I do online is read blogs. For that I’m very fond of Fr. Z’s blog, as well as Fr. Dwight Longernecker’s blog. They’re both unabashedly honest, and don’t pull blows when there’s a problem.

Yes I like both of them also. I will add the St. Michael’s Media website which has the One True Faith podcasts…


We need to add www.catholic.com (That would be the website we are currently on!) It is where I’ve learned about other worthy Catholic websites in addition to learning so much about our Catholic faith:thumbsup:

I’m a fan of vericast.net/. You can download their podcasts, use a mobile app, or watch their shows live from the website.


I believe that theses are authentic, they have also helped me spiritually

Fr Z’s blog wdtprs.com/blog/

Also this one has been huge in forming my spirituality and bringing me into a deeper relationship with christ


definately need to add it to the list…i love catholic answers forums

Saints Works - 100% orthodox. Nothing controversial, just good Catholic reading. An enormous number of writings that can be downloaded.



The Divine Mercy devotion is my main one.
The articles aren’t overly technical, which is a definite plus for me.
The daily meditations are very nice too. Especially during times when Divine Mercy in My Soul is not being read.

www.catholicbiblesblog.com :thumbsup: Why? Because I am a Bible nerd! :slight_smile:

saintsquotes.net/ Short and to the point;)

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