What are your favourite Heaven/Hell type films?


I watched the Heavenly Kid the other week, it was quite good, some youngster dies and has to come back to help another youngster in his life.


I can’t say I like those types of films.


“It’s a Wonderful Life” is the best one.

As a kid I remember one called “Charley and the Angel” with Fred MacMurray as a neglectful husband and father who gets told by an angel played by Harry Morgan that his “number’s up”, so he tried to reform. I’d like to see that one again.


“Resurrection” & “Ghost”…


The scarlet and the black, I think it’s called, quite an old film with Gregory Peck…who was a Catholic!


One of my favourite films is Constantine - threaded throughout the plot is the theme of Suicide condeming a person to hell (in both the main Character and the main plot) but also the potential for redemption by the ultimate self sacrifice. Another Comic Book to Movie crossover but raising some interesting issues…


Heavenly Daze (1948)

Shemp dies and is sent back to earth to reform Moe and Larry so he can gain admittance through the pearly gates.


Those shadow demons in Ghost are as creepy as anything you’ll see in a movie. :grimacing:


@Nelka Sounds like Charlie St Cloud.


End Of Days with Arnold Schwartznegger.


I remember the Omen being a little disturbing!


What dreams may come. A little out there. Heavily influenced by the divine comedy but it is great.


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